Read on for other news including Create the (titustekform) look; Ligna on track for success; Microvellum Fluid Designer software; 1st International Woodtech Forum; Australian students lagging behind; imm cologne; the pulse of the furnishing world; Weinig in-house (Germany); Leitz receives Top honour; Plant cell “glue” for skyscrapers.

Create the Look

New European inspired finishes in your favourite Stefano Orlati handle styles, including bright and antique copper and antique iron. For a sleek handle-less look, use the Capri-C or J profiles, now available in matt black and white! Go a step further and light up your cabinetry with Capri-LED C-shape profiles, fitted with a LED strip and ready to install. For more information:

Ligna 2017; on track for success!

From May 22nd to 26th 2017 you can expect to see the entire value chain for the wood industry in Hannover; from harvesting to processing! Get ready for the latest products and innovative technologies. LIGNA 2017 has a new hall layout scheme to make your visit even more efficient and to accommodate advances in technological demands.

It encompasses seven display categories including Tools and Machinery for Custom and Mass Production; Surface Technology; Wood Based Panel Production; Sawmill Technology; Energy from Wood; Machine Components and Automation Technology and Forestry Technology. In particular, consolidating the areas of solid wood processing, furniture and “woodcraft solutions” according to technological aspects provides convenient access to technological clusters which reflect the entire range of display categories and creates synergy effects to neighbouring clusters. One week before LIGNA, the INTERZUM fair will showcase the latest ideas from the world of furniture manufacture and interior finishing.

The two fairs are staged in quick succession so that international visitors can attend both in a single trip. You can buy one ticket for either the INTERZUM or LIGNA fairs and get access to both fairs. Visit

Microvellum Inc. Fluid Designer software out soon

Microvellum Inc., is a leading cabinet design to manufacturing software provider specializing in AutoCAD based CAD/CAM/CIM technologies. In November 2016 Microvellum announced that they would be showcasing their new Fluid Designer software at the KBIS 2017 trade show in Orlando, Florida on January 10th to 12th 2017. David Fairbanks, Director of Operations for Microvellum, Inc. said “We have seen our software make great leaps in the past few years and we’re gearing up to unveil the latest release of our Fluid Designer software at the upcoming trade show in Orlando, Florida. This ground-breaking technology is connecting one of the world’s leading visualization technologies to the design and manufacturing intelligence of Microvellum… I can tell you, it may change your world. A major advantage of Fluid Designer is the easy-to-use 3D design interface; not only is it user-friendly, it’s fast.”

1st International Woodtech Forum organized by MEDEXPO

The 2016 Woodtech Forum held in the city of Damietta in Egypt exceeded the expectations of organizers and participants alike. The Forum was organized by MEDEXPO S.A. in collaboration with the Chamber of Wood Working and Furniture Industries of the area. 52 exhibitors and supporters as well as important equipment and panel producing companies like SCM Group; CEFLA and HAFELE was combined with a top quality panel of speakers from various sectors of industry; high tech; design as well as from institutes of research, certification and market research. 270 scheduled B2B meetings were held and visitors showed great interest in the new panels and surface technologies. The investment that is currently being made for the creation of the Damietta Furniture City involves the construction of 2000 furniture plants in the one complex.

Australian year 4 and 8 students lag behind Kazakhstan

The Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) shows Australian year 4 and 8 students tumbling further down the scale and now lagging behind Kazakhstan. Borat would be pleased but education minister Simon Birmingham isn’t. Nor should he be, some of these students will eventually move into industry and have an impact on Australian manufacturing for years to come. The study; taken every four years shows we have dropped in maths and science and sit in the middle of the 49 Countries on the list. What is interesting is that many of the Countries at the top of the list are Asian and many of the Countries at the bottom are Arab. Make of that what you will.

imm cologne – Feel the pulse of the furnishing world

The imm cologne isn’t just the very first interior design show of the year; it’s the first choice for renowned international exhibitors and decision-making professional visitors from all over the world as well. The imm cologne showcases inspiring interior design ideas for trendsetters and provides markets with new impetus. And the major innovation drivers, market leaders and brands were there. Year after year, you can count on the imm cologne to present both market-ready new launches and the furnishing trends that will be shaping the future. The imm Cologne design fair was held 16th to 22nd January 2017.

Weinig in-house

Weinig are located in Tauberbischofsheim in the very picturesque “Romantic Road” region in central Germany. InTech is their traditional in-house trade fair and last November around 1,000 customers from 32 countries visited the company looking for new investment opportunities. The 22nd edition of InTech featured the central theme of digitisation of production. Weinig has developed an extensive range of solutions for planing and moulding; high-speed cutting and window and door technology. “Millvision” provides a high-performance solution for furniture production. Prof. Dr. Hube said “Data is the fuel of the 21st century and this applies not only to components of production technology but to all processes in the company.” CEO Wolfgang Pöschl reported on the pleasing growth of the Weinig Group with an expected turnover of €380m for the current year.

Leitz receives the Top 500 Family Business honour

The owners of Leitz, Mrs. Monika Brucklacher and. Dr. Cornelia Brucklacher, received the prestigious “Top 500 Family Businesses Award”, presented by the Managing Director of the Foundation for Family Businesses, Stefan Heidbreder.  The award is based on a study which demonstrates that the group of large family businesses contributes disproportionately to growth and employment in Germany and generates better development than non-family-run DAX enterprises.

The ranking is based on revenue and employment as well as on types of trades. The Leitz Group is placed 198th of the largest German family controlled companies. Dr. Cornelia Brucklacher, thanked her colleagues of the Advisory Board, the Executive Management Board and the Leitz staff: “All of you have contributed to this success”. Special thanks go to her late father, Dr. Dieter Brucklacher, who shaped the development of the family company for more than 40 years.
Plant cell “glue” could make wooden skyscrapers possible.

Building wooden high-rise buildings is a trend in sustainable construction. It is possible to build them higher thanks to new materials such as cross-laminated timber. With the right adhesives, it may be possible to go from wooden high-rise buildings to actual skyscrapers. Ray and Paul Dupree from the Universities of Warwick and Cambridge have unlocked the secret of how Xylan and cellulose polymers, found in the walls of natural materials like wood and straw bind together to form a strong, indigestible wall. The enhanced wood may open the door to a bright future for sustainability, when applied on a much larger scale like on skyscrapers. The possibility is currently being researched.