In other news, Hettich comes first; Weinig ServoLock; Leuco delivers results; New battery technology; Italian made; Biesse Dubai campus opens; Altendorf available in three heights; New kitchen levelling system from Hettich; Bessey new internet microsite; woodchips reduce energy costs.

Hettich comes first

Focus magazine once again awards the “Top Career Opportunities” test accolade to employers offering outstanding careers opportunities. Coming first in 2017 (Third in 2016) the Hettich Group set the benchmark in the metal industry segment. The “Top Careers Opportunities” study analyses around 10,000 of the biggest employer companies based in Germany. 748 businesses received awards, 26 of them from the metal industry. Scoring 100 out of 100 points, the Hettich Group was the magazine’s No. 1 choice, setting the benchmark for all other businesses analysed within the industry. Companies are rated in terms of work climate, ingenuity and attractive place to work.

Weinig ServoLock sets new standards

A high degree of user-friendliness is a hallmark of WEINIG moulders. In the new ServoLock aid, they set standards once again. ServoLock makes the clamping of moulding tools more convenient than ever. A planetary gear ensures significant reduction of the manual effort required. WEINIG ServoLock also has an in-built slipping clutch that, similar to a torque wrench, ensures that the spindle nut is always tightened with the correct torque. The direction of rotation is marked with arrows to make handling easier. A further benefit is the saving in setup time via the rapid loosening and clamping of the spindle nut. ServoLock replaces the traditional tool wrench and can be used with most WEINIG moulders. No adaptation of the machine is necessary.

Leuco delivers results

Customers’ experiences with the ‘panel sizing saw blade 2.0’ have been always positive. In the field test performed in various industrial companies throughout Europe, tool life increases of up to 70% were achieved. The finished cutting quality was rated either “very good” or “good” by all testers. Noise emissions were reduced by 10 dB (A), which corresponds to a noise reduction of 50%. The same saw blade was able to cut through a mixture of materials, including chipboard, MDF, plywood and HPL, just as reliably and cleanly as it would cut any material in individual machining. At the end of the tool life, the panel sizing saw blade 2.0 is claimed to deliver 35% lower costs compared to circular saw blades of other manufacturers.

New battery technology

Festool has launched Airstream battery technology, which it says will reduce charging times by up to 60 percent. The charging system pulls cooled air through the air intakes of the battery pack and channels airflow through the cells and into the charger while heat from both the battery and charger are exhausted to the side. The system is comprised of a newly designed, air-cooled charger and 18volt battery line, with up to 6.2 Ah capacity for the company’s entire line of 18volt power tools and products. The new chargers can also charge existing Li-ion battery packs.

Italian made

How to make it clear that a chair, table or cabinet is the result of the skills, the attention to quality, the comfort and the safety typical of the best Italian companies? Catas and Cosmob, the two most important Italian laboratories for analysis, testing and certification for furniture, have decided to join forces and propose a label that when placed onto the furniture; credibly certifies its Italian origin and quality. The project was presented to the companies of this sector in Pordenone, during the last edition of Sicam. Catas and Cosmob have formed a joint secretary for the management of the Italian Origin Mark and a very simple certification path, which can be followed by the big Italian furniture manufacturers and small to medium-sized companies looking for new opportunities to compete in the world. The proposal has been launched, now it is the time for the Italian furniture industry to respond.

Biesse Dubai campus opens

Dubai, 9th November 2017 – Over 250 visitors attended the Grand Opening event of Biesse Group’s Dubai Campus, the regional Headquarters for the Middle East region. The three day event introduced to the visitors the unique 1100 square metre facility that comprises innovative Made-in-Biesse machinery and technology, new modern offices, a training centre and dedicated service and parts areas. Speaking a few words during the dinner, Mr. Renato Manganelli, Managing Director of Biesse Group Middle East, thanked everyone who was present at the event and pointed out that the new Campus was “The only company in our industry to have a subsidiary with a showroom of this kind in the region.”

Altendorf available in three heights

The working height of a sliding table saw has been rising steadily over recent years. Altendorf has recognised the need for saws with a lower work table height and now offers machines in 850, 880 and 910mm table heights.

New kitchen levelling system from Hettich

Generations of kitchen and furniture fitters have been waiting for this extremely convenient new facility for levelling furniture of any kind, which is also kind to the back. Häfele is introducing a system that is revolutionary with the ‘AXILO’ plinth adjusting fitting system, putting an end to gymnastics in front of the kitchen cabinet; office cabinet; wardrobe or sideboard. A successful combination of adjusting tool and plinth adjusting foot makes it possible. Plinth levelling can be carried out with just a few manual operations using the new AXILO plinth adjusting fitting system from Häfele. The adjusting tool acts as an arm extension. No more bending, crawling or stretching – with AXILO you can easily reach the rear feet of the plinth as well.

Bessey internet microsite

BESSEY has launched the microsite to mark the 5th anniversary of its STC self-adjusting toggle clamp range. The microsite informs visitors (English version can be selected) about the benefits of these special-purpose toggle clamps, which can adapt automatically and in a continuously self-adjusting manner to workpieces of varying thicknesses. In addition to the extensive product information and the history of self-adjusting toggle clamps, the microsite also includes additional links to a distributor search and the full range of BESSEY products.

Woodchips reduce energy costs

For the last three and a half years, Ripon Peace Memorial Hospital has been heated solely from woodchip waste supplied from local sawmill Pyrenees Timber. In a mutually beneficial arrangement, the mill received a value-added waste product and the hospital, a cheaper energy bill each month. It took two years to complete the State Government-funded bioenergy project that cost $600,000. The wood chip fuelled boiler itself, housed in a repurposed shipping container outside the hospital, cost almost $430,000. The project has saved the hospital approximately $27,000 each year in energy savings. The hospital’s operations manager Shaye Metcalf said alongside the financial benefits the project also contributed to the local community. “We’re probably the largest employer here in town, so most of our staff are locals. We give back to the town as often as we can and the town gives back to us.”