Two weeks into concrete preparation on multiple laying projects, the Sydney based Floor It team became fans of the DSM250 Schwamborn floor grinder supplied by All Preparation Equipment and its production levels.

Floor It ran the Schwamborn Grinder for 14 hour days on this huge commercial project. Being used on projects from a multi-level vinyl floor preparation job to a concrete floor coating job in the inner city, the DSM250 provided a high speed removal and left a good keyed finish on the concrete in a single pass – meaning higher production on site.

“Our Schwamborn grinder is out performing the other 280mm floor grinder being used and has doubled production,” said a spokesperson for Floor It. “The guys love the machine and it’s going back to work again tomorrow!”

When looking at the projects the team had lined up to do, it didn’t exactly seem possible they could be completed on time until they saw the DSM250 in action. From the first use there was no doubt the grinder could do what was needed to grind the floors in a faster timeframe.

Less time on site

Being a simple machine to operate and set-up on site, using the DSM250 Schwamborn means that operators can be grinding the floor faster. With Knock On diamond grinding shoes to complement the concrete floor it is working on, the grinder will grind and prepare concrete floors as fast as it needs to. Thanks to the range of diamond grinding Knock On shoes, the right grit and bond of diamond can be chosen for each floor surface to ensure the right amount of diamond is exposed or concrete removed and polished in each project circumstance.

So easy to use

Being a German designed and engineered concrete floor grinder, the DSM250 Schwamborn works to the maximum potential without unnecessary features. From the edging shroud, the rotation on the motor of the floor grinder through to changing the diamonds and adjusting the level, grinding floors has never been made so easy.

Across the globe, Schwamborn grinders are being used by some of the most experienced floorcovering installers through to polished concrete professionals.