In 2020, a new breed of machinery supplier entered Australia’s shores. Operating under the name Innovync (rebranded from Unimac Machinery, established in 2015), the supply hub focuses on delivering a blend of high-end European machinery and exceptional after-sales service to clients across Australia and New Zealand. This month, Supplier takes a deep dive into Innovync’s world, uncovering exactly what makes this firm stand out from the crowd.

What is the Innovync story?

Innovync was born out of Unimac Machinery; a manufacturing supply and service company working with Stone, Glass, and Wood fabricators. In early 2020, Pierre Sullivan, then co-founder of Unimac, took over the business and focused on Stone and Glass operations, re-branding the company to Innovync.

The restructure came after a turning point in Unimac’s operations, where opportunities for growth revealed themselves. Pierre’s saw areas for improvement, and proposed solutions to take the company to greater heights. After much discussion, it was agreed that Pierre would buy Unimac outright, sell his partner back his share at a mutually beneficial price, and steer the company towards success.

Bringing his unique skill set and experience as an electrical engineer and service technician, Pierre now leads the firm as Managing Director. With a team of like-minded individuals, Innovync and its employees have achieved great success within a very short timeframe. Honest, genuine, and authentic business practices that put the customer first drive their success; setting them apart from the status quo.

Navigating through the rapid changes of 2020 and 2021, the supply hub has grown to include an Advanced Materials and Plastics section with leading partners CMS. Partnerships with several new European brands including Turomas, C.M.G and Marmoelettromeccanica have also been established.

Working with manufacturers on a personal basis, the team is highly attuned to the needs of their customers, making sure they are met. Innovync is proud to say that we have a 100% retention rate when we provide products, The level of trust goes as deep as some customers investing in products without even requesting quotes from competitors.

Acting preemptively, Innovync secures in-demand stock machines for immediate installation, ensuring that customers have fast access to the latest technology. Care is taken to ensure that spare parts are always available locally minimising downtime. Customised solutions are also available, thanks to the company’s unique partnerships’ leaving plenty of room for innovation within the factory.

What is the Innovync business philosophy and or mission statement?

At Innovync, we champion a customer-centric approach to sourcing and servicing advanced machinery to power companies with bespoke automation and competitive technologies.

Operating through genuine, authentic, and honest business practices, we deliver products and services with a distinctively human touch. This unique blend has earned us a client retention rate of 100%, as well as trust and respect across the industry.

Innovync’s vision is to:

  • Facilitate the future of manufacturing by harnessing the ability of automation.
  • Generate a thriving industrial future of intelligent manufacturing automation through innovative ingenuity and superior sustainability.
  • Make innovation accessible through automation, to unlock the production potential of business and drive industry evolution.

Innovync’s mission:

  • Endeavouring to provide meticulously chosen machinery solutions and make
  • Exceptional automation ingenuity accessible to businesses through uncompromising service, unrivalled reliability and a passion for making a positive impact for every client.

Discuss some of the company’s milestone moments.

In February of 2020, Innovync was launched, newly rebranded from Unimac. After only three months, the firm signed an exclusive deal with partners CMS to provide revolutionary Advanced Materials and Plastics machinery to the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Partnerships with Turomas, CMG,  and Marmoelettromeccanica followed.

In September 2022, Innovync is expecting to complete its new Queensland hub; the second distribution centre in Australia. Currently, the firm is 18 months ahead of its five year business plan and well on the way to achieving envisioned goals.

Having started off with only two full-time employees, Innvoync now has nine full-time members, with interviews for a part-time position currently taking place. Under Pierre’s leadership, the company’s financials are in excellent shape, leaving Innovync in an excellent position for future growth.

What sets Innovync apart from their competitors?

For decades, the manufacturing supply industry has had a focus on financial gains. Innovync’s stance is that service comes first, and sales naturally follow.

This stance is reflected in our everyday operations. Where other firms may automate their sales and maintenance process, we take a personal approach. There is always someone available to take a call, listen carefully, and provide solutions.

Throughout the consultation process, customers talk with Innovync’s experts, ask questions, and engage in discussions that lead to problem-solving – without charge. Innovync firmly believes that making the right decision now is crucial which is why a safe, ‘no pressure’ environment is set up so that customers can be sure that they’re making the right investment.

As leaders in the industry, Innovync has keen insights into the future of manufacturing, setting customers up for long-term success. Our high service standards, exceptional company culture, and forward-thinking business practice set an example for the rest of the industry. Some of the unique programs that we have put in place are for mentorship, leadership, and management. We partner with companies who analyse a variety of personalities and workplace behaviors so that we can better understand each other, and our clients. And our technical experts are always learning – on their own and directly from manufacturers.

Innovync prides itself on its after-sales service. Explain what customers can expect once they have purchased machinery from Innovync.

Fast service is a priority; whether it is maintenance, installations, or spare parts. Local technicians are dispatched, usually after an online analysis, to clients’ factories with urgency, resolving problems in record time. No matter how complex the problem is, our technicians stay with it until it’s resolved and manufacturing continues once again.

Regular preemptive maintenance checks are in place to ensure that machinery stays in great shape. The timing of each check is determined through individual analysis – we really think our service plans through. Drawing on experience, our technicians determine the best timeframe, then show up promptly when it is time to get it underway. Being in constant communication with European partners, their insights on the best method of care for hardware and software ensure that customers maximise the lifetime of their equipment, increasing ROI.

A thoughtful approach to service runs from maintenance to overall operations. We are always finding ways to get our clients ahead of the game; whether it is training operators on stock machinery before their CNC arrives on-site or ordering spare parts in to diminish downtime and supply chain disruptions.

Talk us through the Innovync product offering. Describe your new range.

Innovync is home to state-of-the-art European CNC machinery and accessories. Throughout the range, advanced mechanical engineering and software combine to form automated solutions that prioritise efficiency and quality.

Solutions for the Stone, Glass, Advanced Materials, Plastics, and Light Alloys industries are available; along with accompanying accessories. These CNCs (Computerised Numerical Control) Machines require a skilled operator to run programs, that get translated into NC code and ensure optimum efficiency is gained from the materials and cycle times.

The range include:

  • Bridge saws
  • Machining centres
  • Waterjets
  • Saw jets
  • Edge polishers
  • Plastics bream saws
  • Polishing machines
  • Glass cutting tables
  • Storage systems

Accessories include:

  • Water clarification systems
  • Vacuum lifters
  • Materials handling and storage for Stone and Glass
  • Premium tooling and polishing wheels
  • Software from DDX Software

Machines from the CMS range are customisable, aligning with customers’ individual needs. Enabling manufacturers to produce more with less effort frees up their time, making room for greater growth and finding solutions where none quite fit the bill. This makes for innovation within the workspace itself.

Pacific Stone’s blue-painted Smartline is one such example; clearly showing just how much dust is produced during the manufacturing process. At the end of every day, employees ensure that this machine; and the new CMS TR (Rotating table CNC), is spotless; diminishing the risk of silicosis. A clean, healthy production environment greets them the next day.

Looking ahead, what plans have you got for the future of Innovync?

Interstate expansion is the next step for Innovync. With hubs established in every state, even faster dispatch, and service sets customers up for further growth and development.

These hubs will feature both stock machines, spare parts, and training facilities, where the learning curve for new machinery is diminished by having operators trained on new technology before it arrives. This is currently taking place in our Sydney showroom and online; with greater accessibility to follow as new hubs open up.

The desire to fuel a prosperous manufacturing future is evident throughout Innovync’s work. The natural next step is to bring services and machine solutions closer to clients, located all around Australia.

A Queensland hub is due to be completed in September 2022, expanding the firm’s reach along the East Coast. More locations are to follow, laying down foundations for a well-networked Innovation Nation. Stay tuned as Innovync brings it to life in the coming months and years.