From 19 to 21 October Biesse opened the doors of its Pesaro campus to demonstrate the advantages that its technologies provide to those who work with wood and plastic.

190,000 square meters of innovation was available to clients for testing and observing first-hand Biesse’s machinery, automated systems, advanced software, and interconnected technologies capable of optimizing manufacturing processes and digitalizing factories. Within the Tech Centre visitors had the opportunity to get to know SOPHIA, the Biesse platform that originated as an IoT project and which makes it possible for companies to offer their clients a wide range of services for achieving maximum efficiency, streamlining and rationalising operations.

To explain to visitors the opportunities that SOPHIA has to offer, a seminar entitled “SOPHIA, more value from machines” was held, with important speakers who illustrated the project. On the third day the seminars were dedicated to Biesse’s partnership with CasaClima and Cleaf. Important developments in the field of software as well with BAVANT, the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) offered by BiesseSystems for the integrated and efficient management of all manufacturing flows in line with machining requirements.

Furthermore, three complete production lines and various solutions dedicated to the handling of panels used for the processes of cutting, nesting, square-edging, and boring were viewable, introducing visitors to the advantageous opportunities that automation of the manufacturing flow offers in terms of efficiency and quality. More than 50 functioning solutions with specific demos and Biesse’s skilled technical and sales personnel were available to answer questions about the demands and needs of the furniture manufacturing world. Visitors were also able to go on various tours of the Biesse facilities, accompanied by the Kaizen team, which illustrated what it means to be a Lean Factory.

“’Inside’ is an appointment that is fundamentally important to us for maintaining a strong collaborative relationship with our clients and for confirming, year after year, our company’s characteristic dedication to technology. The assistance we constantly provide to our clients stems from our relentless search for ‘the new’, for that innovative element capable of determining the growth and efficiency of the companies in this sector. This event welcomed visitors from around the world and offered them the chance to fully live the Biesse experience, introducing them to our passion, our knowledge, and our technology so that these may become competitive advantages which allow our clients to emerge in today’s complex market,” said Raphaël Prati, Marketing and Communications Director for Biesse Group.