Nigel Welsh believes the estimation software he helped to develop can make life easier for tiling professionals and provide their clients with an efficient service.

Virtual reality (VR) and 3D visualisation technology can enhance colour selection processes for tiling businesses. Imagine clients attending appointments to select tile décor, and promising to put them in the actual room before it’s even built. VR, 3D visualisation and MeasureSquare estimation software can provide them with a seamless experience, potentially revolutionising the home building and renovation process.

According to Nigel, MeasureSquare is a global brand of estimation software specifically created for residential and commercial flooring companies, installers and contractors. It is capable of estimating floor and wall products, as well as services. The computer-aided software and application is designed to run on Windows IOS and Android operating systems, giving the user the ability to measure, plan, and estimate any flooring product and line item or service associated with a flooring project.


MeasureSquare Estimation PC-based software editions can make short work of large commercial estimations. Users simply import an architectural plan in a PDF, image or CAD file format, scale it within seconds, and start their work, explains Nigel. It is capable of estimating any flooring or wall-based product and service.

The commercial version of the software makes estimating tiling projects quick and easy. Profiling is one unique tool designed specifically for tiling. Users create a design on one wall and apply it to all other walls if required. They can create profile standards for shower recesses, splash backs, calculate in square metre or lineal metre, install complex tile patterns or even create their own custom tile patterns.


For those who want to measure onsite, the MeasureSquare iPad app has been developed to allow a user to quickly measure, plan and estimate all types of flooring and wall products. Measuring is made almost effortless with the use of an integrated laser that measures functionality. Users can just connect a Leica Disto with Bluetooth to MeasureSquare, point and shoot then watch the plan being drawn on the app.


This is a messenger-style app designed for flooring businesses, allowing users to connect across desktop and mobile devices, and uses familiar features such as groups, image sharing and chat. It can offer fast, straightforward and effective collaboration and communications between users.

ServiceX connects the entire MeasureSquare suite. It can also link many useful tools – that are free – related to flooring businesses, such as purpose-built window blind measuring tools and M2 AR augmented reality. Customers can be shown what the product will look like in their homes with their own furniture and fittings in a matter of minutes.

Instant access to industry organisations and tools can give users and their customers the answers immediately. MeasureSquare web-based tools are a free set of website calculators that can embedded in websites used by tile contractors and installers. This can give their customer an uncomplicated way to supply diagrams for flooring, measurements for blinds, and estimations based on their own input.