At AWISA, many machinery manufacturers’ senior representatives visited Melbourne. Australia is an important market for most of the major machinery suppliers and they want to know what’s important to us. Supplier’s Phil Ashley caught up with Biesse’s Wood Division Director, Federico Broccoli.

Federico Broccoli is Biesse’s Wood Division Director and CEO of Biesse America. It’s a hefty workload but, despite the pressures of working just about everywhere on the planet, he’s as down-to-earth as you could ever imagine. This could be because he’s been in the industry for 30 years  – 23 of those with Biesse. It could also be that he’s a mechanical engineer and really understands the product. I think it’s because he loves his work and the people he meets.

This came through in our hour-long conversation overlooking Biesse’s 1,200 square metre exhibition stand in Melbourne. I was surprised to get an interview with such a busy man but as Federico said: “I will talk to anyone in my 800-strong sales team worldwide – of course I will talk to you”. Federico prides himself on understanding the needs of the market in every country in which Biesse does business. About Australia he said: “When Biesse started building CNC machines in the 1980s, we were the youngest of the big three (Biesse, Homag, SCM). Australia and the USA were our strongest overseas markets. Biesse owes a lot to Australia”.

Federico recalls the Allwood days and remarked: “Allwood was the academy for many of Australia’s salespeople”. Biesse was the first European supplier to open up a subsidiary here. “Success is not more sales guys,” said Federico, “it’s building loyalty and, in Australia, our customer loyalty is over 90%.” When Federico hosts a meeting he always leaves an empty seat “Reserved for the most important person in the room, our customer, even if he cannot join us,” he said with a genuine smile on his face.

“I am privileged to be in this position; we have a strong team with plenty of experience. I am happy to tell you that anyone can be substituted in a moment; this is the depth of our experience and co-operation. We never forget what came before and we never forget our customers.

“Next year we will give something back to Australia in the form of a new facility in Sydney that we have called Biesse Campus.” Designed to host custom demonstrations, in-house events like the Inside Biesse workshops, educational and training events, the new facility will provide a 360° experience where Biesse customers can get to know Biesse innovation first-hand. As Federico said in parting: “Our dream is not over”.