Compared to other ways manufacturers use to find new ideas, 43% said trade shows was their best option.  34% respondents also said trade shows were the best way of staying up to date with the industry. Two of the biggest trade shows in the world are only weeks away.

interzum isn’t just a product show, it’s a source of inspiration for the design of tomorrow’s living spaces. Researchers say we are on the verge of the next significant advances in materials research with features and functions that will produce a new generation of materials that are lighter, thinner, more compact, more flexible or more wear-resistant. Some of these new materials will be on display at interzum from May 21st to 24th in Cologne and visitors will be able to discover the new opportunities that materials research is opening for furniture production and interior design including heat-able textile surfaces, magnetic woods and sofas that double as carbon loudspeakers. And for something completely different, how about foldable vehicles; 3D-printed houses or e-bikes made from plywood?

Interzum 2019 will also address the highly topical issue of tiny spaces in the ever-smaller homes of modern urban living. You will see an electric cabinet bed system with a folding sofa; an item of furniture that showcases ten different space-saving solutions and a micro-apartment as a complete solution that visitors can enter and experience in all its functionality. Interzum will also focus on surfaces that are sustainable; customized; touchable; lightweight; digitally-printed; anti-fingerprint and natural. Supplier will report on the latest trends from this year’s bumper interzum show in our next print edition, don’t miss it.

At this year’s Ligna trade show 27th to 31st May in Hannover, visitors can expect to see innovations across all display categories, from forestry technology, furniture and window manufacturing, through to tooling systems and surface technology. All the major Australian suppliers will have record stands, Biesse is set for their biggest with 6,000 square metres of space; Homag with 5,000 square metres; SCM with 4,000 square metres and a show total of 130,000 square metres. Bear in mind that for 2020 AWISA has booked 28,000 square metres of the ICC in Sydney and you get an idea of how big the stands at Ligna are. Ligna organisers say, “One of the big challenges is the ever-greater trend to product individualization; a trend that is putting pressure on manufacturers to deliver customized products at least as quickly, profitably and efficiently as with series production. It’s these sorts of challenges for which LIGNA exhibitors will be presenting solutions.” Ligna 2019 is promising to be the biggest, best and most visit-worthy show in the last decade. The twin shows are an opportunity to see and experience first-hand what the world has to offer. Australian manufacturers are amongst the savviest on the planet and large numbers will be travelling to Germany late May to experience the latest trends and products, including Supplier magazine. Don’t miss our comprehensive reports.