A US-based maker of power tools with integrated dust collection systems has entered into a partnership with Sydney’s TilersOnline, writes Joe Simpson.

As part of its global expansion, Californian company iQ Power Tools has partnered with local, family-owned business TilersOnline to distribute its products in Australia.

With fully-stocked showrooms and a 24/7 website, TilersOnline said it offers fast delivery of all its products to Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific Islands. It describes itself as a leading supplier of tile, landscape, and related construction supplies.

Troy Lubben, managing director, TilersOnline explains, “We met with the folks at iQ Power Tools in the latter half of 2018. We liked what we saw. Their tools were exactly what we were looking for… and, couldn’t have come at a better time.  Keeping jobsites safe is a priority for all construction companies. Conversations on dust hazards are coming to the forefront. iQ’s dustless systems address these issues.”

During an educational tour in Australia with TilersOnline, Jim Mackall, iQ’s vice president – sales, said: “Educating workers on the proper use of our tools is important; even more so is the importance of safety at the jobsite. The response has been phenomenal. Our live demos are heavily attended, and our social media platforms are exploding with customer posts, reviews, videos and questions.  Everyone wants to know more.”

“We have quite a challenge ahead,” continued Lubben. “Many contractors are set in their ways. Change takes time, but with good exposure, proper education, and great products, we can bring dust-free solutions to our country.”

Paul Guth, president of iQ, added, “There is an international demand for safe, dustless, construction tools … and, iQ has addressed that issue head-on. We are taking our dust containment solutions globally. Our personal pledge is to make available, safe products for our overseas partners … and educate them on how best to use them.”

iQ Power Tools manufactures its products for the concrete, masonry, hardscape, and tile sectors. The company was founded by third-generation masons Joel and Paul Guth, who each have over 30 years’ experience in the masonry industry. Decades of experience taught them about dust problems and their fledgling business started out creating tools to solve their own problems only to realise these same issues affected all contractors… mess, money, and a threat to the health and safety of the industry.

It envisions a future where their innovation helps create a 100% dust free environment: jobsites are safer, work practices are healthier and, the construction industry becomes more sustainable.

iQ’s plans for a global expansion began with its strategic partnership with TilersOnline, and now includes Pritec Vaculyft AB in Sweden and Nozar Diamond Tools from Germany. “Our global expansion is a direct result of increasing universal demand for health and safety in the construction workplace, when it comes to dust containment. For years, contractors overseas have been insisting on our products,” said Paul Guth.

“We have listened, understood and, responded! We took the steps to design the tools and then had them tested and certified for the international market. We are thrilled to be introducing our dust containment solutions to a global audience. It’s our personal goal to bring our message, our educational resources and our state-of-the-art products to more professional people than ever before,” he said.

The global plans will be driven by recent recruits Herman van Breemen, vice president, Europe and Lucy Melin, an iQ employee for over six years, who has been promoted to international sales. She will be responsible for implementing iQ’s strategy which includes spreading the message on the importance of health and safety on the jobsite and supporting the company’s new international distribution partners.

“I am eager to bring our innovative power tools that offer optimal efficiency and safety to the global market,” said Melin. “My career at iQ began when it was a start-up tools company. Now, to be a key part of its growth and expansion across the globe has been amazing and, incredibly rewarding.”

“Entering new markets, we will partner with local professionals who understand how to best communicate with regulations’ specialists,” said Mackall. “Concurrently, we will deliver our technology and industry know-how, which, via using our products, ultimately transforms the jobsite into a safer and healthier place. We are excited to be taking this next step with iQ Power Tools and look forward to expanding our international business.”