A living partnership is documented by the 30 manufacturers who have combined under the umbrella of the marketing association A30 Küchenmeile e.V. – the “kitchen mile.” Together they represent two-thirds of the German kitchen furniture industry’s entire turnover.

The exhibitors along the “kitchen mile” have over the last six years, made it a tradition to invite their industry and retail partners to visit them every September. Thirty-two manufacturers and suppliers will open their doors including Nobilia and Nobia (Poggenpohl), two of the largest kitchen manufacturers in the world. Nobilia is number one and produced 630,000 complete kitchens in 2015. The largest kitchen manufacturers are located in Germany and Scandinavia and have been operating pretty much since Columbus discovered America. The further south you go in Europe, the smaller the kitchen manufacturers become – more like Australian ones.

Whether a new house or refurbishment, the trend is moving towards flowing transitions between kitchen, dining and living areas. This is an issue that manufacturers in the kitchen industry are continually addressing. Their focus is on partitioning variants for the spaces available; the use of material and colour in the kitchen surrounds and the adjacent living areas. It could be said that the design of a kitchen knows no limits and that nothing is impossible.

Recent Interior design trends displayed at EuroCuchina in Milan are mostly based on a demand for products, colours, finishes and materials where the inspiration can be found in nature. Kitchens in which home-makers spend a good part of every day for an average of ten to fifteen years should be warm and cosy or cool and elegant. Shadow and light, rough and smooth, the combination of materials with smooth and distinctive surface textures give the kitchen personality. Popular materials are wood and stone; concrete and glass; brushed or polished stainless steel; copper, bronze and zinc. It is said that three different materials or designs can have a huge impact on the look of any kitchen.

What is not seen in a modern kitchen is the hardware that turns a great design into a functioning work and living space. Some of the leading hardware suppliers are also located in the general area of Westphalia, about an hour by rail from the world’s premier wood working trade show, Ligna Hannover.
This year, Supplier will attend Küchenmeile A30 from 17 to 23 September to report on trends in kitchen design and manufacture.