Lamello’s technology brings you many benefits, enhancing your competitiveness and productivity in the global market and providing you with new inspirations for design and creativity.

Lamello are focused on practical function and provide compromise-free product developments, designs and constructions. The results are machines with low-wear technology, smart designs and simple handling mechanisms. Lamello’s services do not simply end with the individual product. They provide complete systems and applications to meet your personal requirements – True to their motto: One part made to complement the other.

Products and systems by Lamello have always been designed for longevity and reliability. This legendary durability saves precious resources and protects the environment by diminishing waste. Also, strict environmental regulations at their production site in Switzerland ensure that all resources are used with consideration, many of them stemming from sustainable husbandry and management.

Manufactured in Switzerland, Lamello continues to create innovative joining solutions and the Zeta P2 carries on the tradition. At the core of the Lamello Zeta P2 is the compact vertical mechanical drive (VMD) which works as follows: The cutter dives into the preset depth, then follows a vertical movement up and down for the profile cut. This profile cutting function is user-friendly since it triggers automatically and is mechanically reliable.

The P System elements are designed to slide into the profile cut without the use of glues or screws. The elements clamp together to create a very strong joint and have the ability to be pulled apart for ease of transportation. The versatility of joining mitres from 30 degrees to 180 degrees opens up greater possibilities for woodworkers to manufacture creative work pieces.