Leda Machinery is a national supplier of equipment that has traditionally been popular for crafts and small business. They supply anything from ten-inch bandsaws to 600mm wide thicknessing machines. In the mix you will find planers, sanders, panel-saws, lathes, mortising and drilling machines and dust extractors. It’s a misconception that many people have of Leda.

The fact is that for many years Leda has been supplying a range of the best quality machinery at a price that small and large manufacturers cannot ignore. One example is an edge-bander installation at D&R Hendersons’ particle-board mill in Benalla, Victoria.

This installation of a KDT 386JK adds to the KDT 380J machine installed early 2012. At that time Hendesons wanted to produce at a faster feed rate than was currently around 20 metres a minute. The 380J machine manages 24 metres a minute and produces 4,000 metres of edged panels a day. This year, Hendersons called up Leda and said they now needed 5,000 metres a day and ordered a new KDT machine with loading and unloading to raise the output. Leda also installed a flow-through drilling machine and the new equipment will be commissioned within a few weeks.

D&R Henderson is a very large company that can afford the highest-priced machines available yet they have chosen KDT. An example of their leading-edge approach is the installation of a Globus SRC 690 EVO knife ring flaker equipped with the famous “wobble” disk, for their Benalla production facility. The innovative Globus solution utilises a robot to handle the knives throughout all the sharpening stages and is capable of performing distinct sharpening cycles. Installing another KDT edge-bander line shows confidence in the brand. Of the many new KDT edge banders installed this year by Leda Machinery (Victoria), seven have been to existing KDT owners trading up or installing additional machines so the brand has proven to be well-respected and there are no quality or performance issues.
KDT was originally manufactured in South Korea – a manufacturing giant responsible for some of the world’s largest ships and industrial equipment. Moving to China was a move to counter the Chinese tariffs (import duties) and is the reason why Altendorf, Biesse and Homag all have manufacturing facilities there to cater mostly for the massive local Chinese market. Their production is so advanced that if you saw the KDT factory in China and the machines were a different colour, you would swear you were in Germany.

KDT makes beamsaws, CNC processing centres, single and double edge-banders, automatic drilling machines and transfer equipment. It is also a leading panel machinery manufacturer. Its motto is “Built for quality, value for customers”.

KDT claims the highest growth-rate among all major equipment providers in recent years in the industry worldwide. Its machines can be found in furniture producers’ premises in more than 50 countries and regions around the world. KDT has established technology collaborations with partners in Korea and has built a modern R&D and test centre in China. Continuous improvement and reinforced quality control is the company’s core competitive strength. The company sources thousands of high quality parts from a group of satellite factories and from renowned suppliers in Korea, Japan and some European countries.

Leda Machinery came from the old ACME Company and, originally, mostly wholesaled machines to other dealers. ACME concentrated mainly on production equipment and major brands included Holz-Her, Casadei, Giben and Morbidelli. LEDA Machinery is a national supplier with branches in every State. The company supplies the LMA (LEDA Machines Australia) Linea precision sliding table panel saw and is currently in the late stages of adapting the Profistop automatic length stop and feeding system for wood-working applications. Made in Dandenong, Victoria, the stop is driven by a steel reinforced belt and is super-fast. It’s accurate to 0.1mm and the software runs on an iPad-type tablet.
Leda supplies KDT CNC machines for nesting applications and also a range of wide belt sanding solutions. In fact, it one of the most effective suppliers of wide-belt machines in the country.
KDT machines are manufactured to European CE norms, use HSD (Biesse) spindles and are used by some of the most demanding high-volume furniture manufacturers in the world.

Repeat customers are the highest recommendation for any supplier and Leda has plenty of those.