Leitz has launched a new Diamond router program for furniture production and interior construction. Diamaster EdgeExpert, the new shank cutters, are true experts in edge processing, and also offer advantages in profitability.  

The new Diamaster EdgeExpert routers are designed for edge performance and allow tear-free edge quality on both sides. This has been confirmed by numerous Leitz customers, who have tested the new router cutters during the last twelve months in actual production conditions. These new tools offer improved performance, by 15 times, and several resharpening cycles ensure low processing costs in edge processing. The Diamaster EdgeExpert routers reach their full potential if they are used on CNC processing machines with laser edge technology or with comparable zero joint technology.

Wafer-thin paper decors, veneers or foil and high-gloss coatings create a specific look in furniture. These finishing materials lend an attractive appearance, but are also very challenging to process. The edges can be especially problematic.  “Working material finishes in furniture production are difficult to machine and require completely new tool concepts,” says Ansgar Uhl, Leitz Product Manager of shank tools. The solution is larger shear angle. “The Leitz EdgeExpert is synonymous with larger shear angles. They tip the scales in edge performance,” he explains. However, this is only one side of the coin. Profitability is diminished if the shear angle selected is too big. Even more serious, the quality in the middle layer also suffers. The consequence is badly adhering edges, specifically in the case of laser edging. “To select the right shear angle is always a balancing act”, says Uhl. In the case of the Diamaster EdgeExpert routers, he is convinced this balancing act has been successful.

The Diamaster EdgeExpert routers are available in three designs—all offering superior performance. The only difference among products is the feed speed the customers work with. The introductory model, Diamaster PRO EdgeExpert Z1+1, is especially suitable for small to medium batch sizes. The big brother is the Diamaster QUATTRO EdgeExpert Z2+2. High feed rates make it ideal for medium to large batch sizes. The Diamaster PLUS³ EdgeExpert Z3+3 holds the record in the Leitz router cutter programme. Real Z3-Technology allows highest feed rates and optimal efficiency in large batch sizes.