ProfilCut Q, the new generation of profile tooling system by Leitz, was first introduced at the 2015 Ligna Fair in Hannover. Proving a great success since its launch, ProfilCut Q Premium has received the renowned Red Dot Award in the Product Design category.

The Red Dot Award is one of the highest-respected product design competitions in the world. Leitz ProfilCut Q is the new generation of profile tooling system and sets the benchmark in precision, cutting quality and handling. The ProfilCut Q Premium is the fastest profile tooling system in the woodworking industry. Conventional systems reach their limit at cutting speeds of 80 to 90 meters (maximum) per second. But this new Leitz generation of profile tooling is approved for cutting speeds of up to 120 meters per second. This allows users to run higher feed speeds with the same number of teeth, increasing productivity and output. Leitz paid strict attention to high running accuracy; together with high speeds. This leads to improved finish quality.

When cutting quality matters, the cutterhead system ProfilCut Q exceeds all expectations, even if the most extraordinary requirements on profiling are needed. For the manual or industrial manufacturing of windows, doors or in furniture production; ProfilCut Q, produces only highly precise results. Its many possible applications and high reliability guarantee profitable manufacturing. ProfilCut Q has a diameter range from 0 to 650 mm. The uniform clamping system is designed for any exchangeable knives and turn-blades and its light weight is a big plus. The tongue and groove joint between clamping wedge and knife clamps spans the whole cutting width, the requirement for a safe and positive clamping. The tightening of the clamping screws automatically secures an axial and radial centring and consequently a zero tolerance fitting.

The bottom line is a technical innovation, which yields a substantially enhanced surface-quality and a reduction of rejects and rework. Matching the profile, the clamping wedges as well as the guiding elements assist the chip removal, which contributes to a perfect finish. The special tool design with its rounded edges reduces noise. The wear parts of ProfilCut Q are built in steel. The balancing of ProfilCut Q is effectively limiting vibration, protecting the spindle bearings and leading to a better surface-quality and prolonged performance times.

ProfilCut Q Premium won the award primarily for its unique aluminium tool body that has a clear weight advantage compared to conventional steel tool bodies. It operates with less vibration than comparable products and reduces noise by 3 dB(A) compared to any other profile tooling system on the market. ProfilCut Q Premium’s design has no corners or edges typical to many tools.