With the enviable reputation as the business routinely responsible for lifting the benchmark when it comes to AWISA showings, the pressure was on Lincoln Sentry to come with something special at this month’s AWISA 2018 – and the team didn’t disappoint.

Curated under the watchful and expert eyes of Lincoln Sentry’s National Category Managers Hayden Quayle, Sophie Willis and Greg Dillon, this year’s Exciting Spaces-themed exhibit in Sydney, took cabinet hardware design, function and style to another level.

Lincoln Sentry National Cabinet Hardware Manager Kevin Bruce said with AWISA only being held every two years, it is the most important event on Lincoln Sentry’s customer engagement calendar and exciting spaces encapsulates what the business does in partnership with customers and suppliers.

“We’ve been presenting at AWISA for more than 20 years and I can confidently say that Lincoln Sentry’s showing has been the benchmark for each event we’ve been involved in and this year was no exception.

“We are the trusted partner for thousands of Australian craftsmen and design specialists. Our drive to discover innovative hardware solutions ensures we’re ready to help our customers excite every space.

“While AWISA has a number of purposes, the core of our presence is to directly connect with our customers. Whether they be a cabinet maker we work with regularly or an architect who plays the pivotal role of specifying our products in a project, AWISA is our chance to meet with them in person and share our products,” said Kevin

Once again at this AWISA, Lincoln Sentry proudly launched some truly clever products, representing both existing and new suppliers from within Australia and around the world.

“One of our newest suppliers is Atim, who manufacture in Italy and wowed the crowds at AWISA with their stylish transformable tables. These tables, with their neat lines are exclusive available through Lincoln Sentry in various sizes and are a great space optimisation solution, perfect for high density living,” Kevin said.

“Our extensive showing of Pixalux, Hera, Alsert Doors, DecoSplash and Farmers products – all highly respected suppliers to Lincoln Sentry for many years, was superb with visitors to our two stands captivated by the product application, colour, texture and functionality.  In particular, our use of Alsert Doors’ black gloss frame with smoked glass, grabbed the attention of everyone who visited.

“Another recent addition to our product portfolio that was a talking point at AWISA is the meticulously crafted Cabinex Outdoor BBQ Kitchens.  Bringing together market leading appliances, premium materials and award-winning services, these modular outdoor kitchen cabinets are made to order and fit with an extensive range of our waste solutions including Finista, Gollinucci and Vauth Sagel.

“As with any exhibition the size of AWISA there’s an enormous amount of preparation and planning that contributes to our successful showing. Thanks to the ‘can-do’ culture that is synonymous with Lincoln Sentry, our showing at AWISA 2018 was inspiring and presents our business and our customers with many exciting opportunities,” said Kevin.