From concrete to natural woods: kitchen worktops are becoming slimmer and slimmer.

The worktop is to a kitchen what the door handle is to the architecture of a house. Two factors are hugely important in holistic kitchen design: the overall visual impression and functionality. The kitchen worktop must be able to withstand heat, bacteria and lots of dirt. At the end of the day, the kitchen – that is the worktop – must be hygienically clean again.

When it comes to worktops and decor, popular current trends include imitations of natural materials such as authentic-looking wood patterns and the concrete look. In addition, a number of suppliers add anti-bacterial materials to their surfaces.

Kitchen worktops made of solid wood – from sustainable sources, of course – are also very popular. Artificial stones can be produced more uniformly and thinner, which gives worktops made from these materials a more elegant, high-quality appearance. While worktops outside of the norm, especially thick ones make of natural materials as well as particularly slim ones, are considered to be of high quality, the overall trend is for thin work areas.