Moods of the Seasons

Each season has a different meaning to every one of us depending on where we are in the world and our culture and traditions. With Forbo’s Moods of the Season, they hope to translate those feelings into design in a way that will both complement and question, suggesting products and scenarios that they hope will inspire you throughout the year.

Wherever we are, our seasons are influenced by nature, and as such, each of the Moods of the Season will in some way reflect that, highlighting not only Forbo’s commitment to sustainability but also the importance they place on nature as the key to wellbeing in interior environments.

Every three months through 2023 Forbo will bring you a seasonal taster selection from their comprehensive portfolio, showcasing items that bring together their thoughts and feelings at the different times of the year. Each of these will aim to capture the essence of each season and communicate its mood. Each Mood of the Season is carefully compiled by the Forbo team of international design professionals and consists of a selection of items chosen to complement each other and convey the essence of each season. Their inspiration comes from a wide range of sources, including interiors, fashion, home furnishings, industrial design, art, graphics, and media.

Trend direction

Their local design and trend research has revealed the ongoing blurring of lines between exterior and interior: architecture and nature, or often referred to as biophilic design, bringing the outside in. As technology evolves and creates a more efficient and advanced society, we continue to drift away from nature in big cities. Reversing this trend is the focus of today’s design teams and built environment.

Companies and individuals worldwide are consciously going eco-friendly to contribute to lowering our embodied carbon and limit climate change. There is a large focus on products that can be recycled and close the material loop.

These efforts are reflected in the building industry and building material choices and the latest introduction of Green Star’s new Buildings rating tool. Commitments are outlined in their Responsible Products Framework that aims to reward products for being transparent, made with low environmental impacts, non-toxic, respecting human rights and preparing for a low-carbon future.

The top two trends for 2023 and beyond

  1. Biophilic Design – Bringing the outside in

Biophilic design is based on what is known as the biophilia hypothesis: “[the] idea that humans possess an innate tendency to seek connections with nature and other forms of life.” (Encyclopedia Britannica, ‘Biophilia Hypothesis’). This holistic approach focuses on health and wellness, creating an indoor environment that promotes relaxation and healthy well-being.

As well as the addition of indoor plants and greenery to a space, architectonic features and even flooring, fittings and design accessories can all play on this biophilic notion. The use of natural materials such as wood, access to ample natural light and views onto gardens all help create a sense of being at one with nature and the wider world.

Greenery leading the pack

 The use of green especially earthy sage tones has been a popular hue, paired with wooden structures and subtle blended tone-on-tone warm neutrals to calm greys. A timeless combination inspired by nature. Overall, we are seeing a mimic beauty of our natural landscape, Mother Nature’s colour palette.

Marmoleum, Forbo’s linoleum flooring brand made from plant-based ingredients and world-leading for sustainability fits the biophilic feel in look and makeup. It is carbon-neutral from cradle to gate without the need for offsetting and is ready for the low-carbon future. Marmoleum is also biodegradable with end-of-life recycling/reuse options making it the ultimate achiever in the Green star framework. The design options include sheet, modular and acoustic backed.

  1. Multi-purpose and adaptable indoor spaces

As technology constantly evolves and businesses adapt at a rapid rate. There is an increased demand for transitional environments; spaces need to be able to evolve and adapt to new functions to suit the changing needs of a business. These constantly changing spaces require walls and floors that can perform as a chameleon, with timeless colours and organic materials.

Thankfully the Forbo Flooring design team use a global colour card and their collections are designed to work in harmony with one another based on current trends. Boundaries are also pushed with their bespoke digitally printed options for ultimate design freedom enabling them to offer a complete product portfolio that connects seamlessly.

To support the circular economy whilst providing an easy solution for adaptable indoor spaces, Forbo predict a rise in demand for adhesive-free options, easy-to-install and removal that is not only circular ready but offers the opportunity to change flooring designs with minimal disruptions. Moods of the season can be mirrored in flooring and finishes.

Forbo offers numerous products that are adhesive-free and made with a high percentage of internally reused materials. Their commercial vinyl products pay attention to low carbon emissions and are declared using third-party verified environmental Product Declaration (EPDs).

Circular-ready flooring –  Adhesive-free sheet

 Modul’up adhesive-free sheet vinyl is a truly innovative loose-lay sheet vinyl offering 94 attractive colourways including striking digitally printed designs. The 19 dB version has been designed to save time and reduce costs, with easy installation, excellent dimensional stability and simple removal for replacement and re-use opportunities.

The sheet material uses a unique tape system with a non-slip coating that holds the floor in place. A lay flat stay flat floor that can handle heavy traffic.

Subfloor and substrates are less of an issue for Modul’up and can be laid over existing ­ flooring if required. Allowing installation times to be reduced by over 50% and the floor can be walked on immediately.­

Forbo will also be releasing their most popular colours in their Surestep safety flooring collection in an innovative loose-lay sheet vinyl format in 2023.


Adhesive-free tile and plank

  • Allura Puzzle – Forbo’s puzzle-shaped tiles are ideal for large-scale quick installations, as each tile is 96 x 96cm and is simple to install by simply putting the tiles together with a mallet.
  • Colorex Plus – a loose-lay tile with a unique dovetail system that remains hidden under the surface. Available in conductive and textured 10 slip resistance options.


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