Space is precious, and is becoming more so. In 2030, 70 per cent of all people are likely to be living in towns and cities. This will add more weight to the question of how to use space efficiently and sensibly. Creating perfect rooms for living and working is a matter for professional interior and furniture designers. There are sliding door systems that make sensible use of every inch of space. In modern, spacious interior design, sliding door systems are the perfect creative element because large surface doors impressively pick up on purist room aesthetics. Yet sliding doors also lend an attractive simplicity and sense of space to small rooms while optimising space efficiency.

In the new “Slide it. Love it.” web special, Hettich shows what sliding door systems can do. The more home and living spaces merge into one, the more interesting it becomes to have the option of partitioning areas off to suit the particular situation. For instance, the kitchenette disappears from the living room while watching television in the evening. At the weekend the home office is hidden from view in the bedroom and in the bathroom sliding doors only show what is meant to be seen. Apart from numerous design inspirations and example applications, Hettich offers a wide range of e-tools for structuring planning and production processes with speed and certainty. The fascination of Hettich sliding door systems can now be discovered at

Hettich InLine S makes a big impression on furniture design. The fitting technology entirely disappears into the background, leaving no working parts in view when the front is open. With flush opening doors, the system also provides space efficiency and practical convenience. InLine S is the fitting for the last word in purist furniture design; handle or no handle is a matter of design and not function. Handle-less fronts can be opened at any outer edge. If handles are to be provided on the front, they can be positioned at any chosen place to suit the design of furniture.

When closed, the narrow centre reveal creates a homogeneous look. When open, flush fitted sliding doors using InLine S provide access to everything inside. The doors open without protruding, making every inch of storage space available for use. The shallow plinth height of 65 mm increases available storage space even further. Further feel good highlights from the sliding door fitting are its outstanding running action and the excellent Silent System performance in opening and closing.