Hettich has developed special application solutions that effortlessly bring the ergonomic and design benefits of sliding and folding doors to the kitchen. The result: a wealth of creative ideas for kitchen furniture in a new dimension of practical convenience.

Sliding and folding: Rather than reaching up or watching out for open doors all the time, sliding is the far more convenient option. The WingLine L folding-sliding door system with Push/Pull to move even opens handle-less doors up to a height of 2400 mm and width of 1200 mm per door set almost by itself in response to a light press, doing so with impressive panorama effect. It can hide away an entire kitchen block. Added storage in the smallest of space, ergonomic accessibility and high user convenience. Whether large or small folding sliding doors, the fitting can be provided with soft opening and closing. With minimal door protrusion, WingLine L also permits the combination of drawers and pull-outs behind the folding sliding door.

Refrigerator doors: Is the refrigerator still an electrical appliance or now a piece of furniture? At Hettich they say a refrigerator is both. Because the trend towards open plan living is ongoing, the refrigerator no longer necessarily stands in the kitchen but more and more as an eye catcher and individual item in the middle of the room. With the openness between kitchen and living space, more convenience and a greater feel of luxury is also being demanded from refrigerators: with doors that open and close with effortless ease and almost in silence. Hettich has brought updated convenience to its classic K05 fitting for XXL refrigerators, completely integrating its high-quality soft closing Silent System into the hinge. K05 with Silent System now also guarantees quieter door action and the noticeably higher level of convenience for particularly large built in refrigerators and freezers as well as wine coolers in the premium segment.

The Company: The Hettich group of companies, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of furniture fittings with headquarters in Kirchlengern, generated sales of € 1.059 billion in 2018. This represents an increase of 8.6 per cent over 2017 at € 975 million. “We are delighted to have crossed the € 1 billion sales threshold. We thank all customers, the entire Hettich team and partners for our excellent working relationship and look forward to further successful growth in a challenging environment,” Dr. Andreas Hettich said. As last year, 71 per cent of business was done abroad. In 2018, some € 119 million were invested world-wide.