New machines are being release all the time. It’s not easy to keep up so we’ve collected information on a range of machines that are both new and interesting. Contact the suppliers for more information.

The Felder FORMAT-4 C-Express 920 Classic is a new CNC drilling and milling centre and carries out all drilling and simple routing work efficiently and precisely. Developed with smaller workshops in mind, the machine offers a very good price/performance ratio. At the touch of a button, repeat drilling work programs can be loaded and reused. The machine comes with a 15-spindle drilling head; horizontal processing of the work piece; simple programming without the need to take the work piece thickness into consideration; a grooving saw and laser measuring.

Biesse responds to market demand for processing technological materials such as plastics. Rover Plast J FT is Biesse’s gantry-structure machining centre for packaging, visual communications, construction and industry, for working with expanded and compact plastic materials, composites and cardboards. The Rover Plast machines are for artisans looking to automate their production and guarantees maximum quality and reliability at a competitive price. The new machines offer maximum precision for many types of machining with the tangential/oscillating blade.

The new Masterwood Project 375 is the CNC machining centre suited for evolved craftsman and large industry. It guarantees high quality of finish and reliability in all conditions of use. The 5-axis machining unit, equipped with 12 or 16 kW electro spindle, allows the machining of parts with complex shapes, ensuring quality, precision and total reliability over time.

The Scm (Gabbett) Startech cn is a new compact CNC universal drilling machine for woodworking shops and crafts. The 9-spindle drilling head is positioned above the panel and allows precise machining with a reliable reference. Finished furniture elements can be produced without having to adjust the bits and with no operator input for the worktable; machine set-up and panel dimensions. The NC control with 7-inch colour touch-screen offers a self-diagnosis system and saving and importing drilling programs can be done by USB key.

New safety technology makes the WEEKE Venture 115 accessible from all sides. The Venture 115 is one of nine possible configurations in this series containing 3, 4 and 5-axis solutions. Due to its compact design the 5-axis head provides more direct power transmission, the machine can be put in operation within a single day and requires a 15% smaller footprint. The patent-pending, optionally available convenience package enables to control certain functions directly at the machine frame without requiring input at the operator panel.