Just over a year ago a 6.2 earthquake hit central Italy Southeast of Perugia around the Umbria, Abruzzo and Marche regions. It devastated the town of Cascia and left the children without a school. To help rebuild several schools in the area; Fiam Glass, Biesse and Intermac came to help.

Opening the school were Vittorio and Daniele Livi, Managing Directors of Fiam (Glass furniture) Italia, and Alessandra Selci representing the Selci family for the Biesse group. Other donors included the Onlus Foundation and Fondazione Francesca Rava. A presentation dinner was held at the fabulous Villa Miralfiore in Pesaro, featured in Supplier’s story on the Ghost chair in our current issue.

Thanks to their fundraising commitment, the donors were able to deliver 70,000 euros to the Rava Foundation Italy to participate in the completion of the new educational centre of Cascia and other rebuilding projects for children in areas affected by the earthquake in Central Italy. Earthquakes are common in the region and September 2016 marked the 20th anniversary of an earthquake that destroyed the historic Basilica of Assisi.

To celebrate the new school year, artists have involved the children of the Cascia media school in workshops that allowed them to realize small unique glass and colour works. The theme was “I dreamed of a landscape.” The boys were led to the invention and representation of an ideal landscape, a place of all their primary desires.

Daniele Livi, CEO of FIAM Italia, thanked the boys for making him and his company feel useful, inviting them to never stop dreaming: “Boys, always struggle for your dreams.” Alessandra Selci of Biesse Group added: “You guys are a white book on which you write our and your future and that of our country.” It is a joy to see that the work of Fondazione Francesca Rava has not ended with the realization of the beautiful school but is continuing with innovative teaching projects such as these glass decorations and will continue with many other initiatives in Umbria.

Biesse has for many years supported worthwhile projects not only in Italy but around the World.

Pictured: Daniele Livi, Managing Director Fiam Italia; Alessandra Selci representing the Selci family for Biesse Group; Minister Alfano; Sara Doris, President Fondazione Mediolanum Onlus, Maria Vittoria Rava, Foundation President Francesca Rava.