Q. Please tell us a bit about the moisture mitigation service you are offering?

In the modern building environment of stretched budgets and reduced time to complete jobs, flooring contractors need support in delivering high-quality installs that meet specifications, budgets, deadlines and can be handed over with confidence.

Ontera’s fully warranted Site Related Solutions (SRS) system has an exceptional 25-year track record of successfully mitigating against moisture in concrete slabs in the USA – and it’s now available in Australia and New Zealand for both new build and refurbishment projects.

The issue we are addressing is estimated to cost the industry more than $100 million annually in Australia alone. Effectively it’s about working with the level of moisture in concrete. SRS allows concrete to do what it is designed to do, emit moisture as it cures. For refurbishments it can mitigate the need for grinding off old adhesives.

Site Related Solutions is all about the unique combination of Ontera’s non-reactive standard adhesive and our WellBAC™ open cell cushion carpet tile.

The use of Ontera’s open cell WellBAC™ cushion-backed modular carpet, together with our Non-Reactive Standard adhesive:

  • Prevents the possibility of concrete slab moisture-related issues from occurring
  • Ensures moisture mitigation is built directly into every Ontera WellBAC™ cushion backed carpet tile — it is an inherent property of the cushion backing itself.
  • Allows installation of carpet to begin as quickly as 90 days after a new pour is complete.

No moisture testing is required. There are no RH or pH limits. Both carpet and adhesive are fully warranted under virtually every circumstance.

It’s all about saving time and money, being fully confident in the install and having the Ontera warranty as peace of mind.

* Ontera requires that all new concrete pours comply with AS 2870

Q. How does this service work and who is it for?

Ontera’s Site Related Solutions system provides benefits for all members of the flooring industry supply chain from designers and architects to builders and flooring contractors.

With SRS system, architects and designers can maintain the integrity of the specification that was designed, with no additional costs associated with moisture mitigation required. Builders and flooring contractors save on costs of grinding or sealing slabs meaning faster turn around and peace of mind in terms of product failure from moisture issues.

Implementation of Ontera’s Site Related Solutions is very simple. It’s a matter of installing Ontera WellBAC™ cushion backed tiles with our Non-reactive standard adhesive. Under normal circumstances, we know that newly poured slabs can take 4 to 5 months to cure to a workable RH level. With SRS, you can install as soon as 90 days after a new pour.

Ontera WellBAC™ Cushion Backed modular carpet products have been designed to manage moisture simply and effectively. We let natural processes happen naturally. With our WellBAC™ cushion backed tiles, water vapour has a way to escape. It travels freely through our open-cell cushion structure until evaporating naturally through seams at the edges of each carpet tile.

Q. Expand a little about the history of Ontera and how this new service fits in with your other services.

Ontera Modular Carpets Pty Ltd is a design-focused flooring leader with a 30-year history throughout the Australian and New Zealand markets. Our expertise covers design, manufacturing and supply – dedicated to creating unique and inspirational interior spaces in the Commercial, Education, Health & Aged Care, Hospitality and Retail sectors.

As a member of the Milliken family of companies, Ontera can harness global resources to implement world’s best flooring solutions. From environmental sustainability to manufacturing excellence, Ontera’s commitment to ‘doing good’ drives our innovation and production process, by enhancing people’s everyday lives through our products on health and wellbeing, environment and productivity.

The new Ontera Site Related Solution system seamlessly incorporates two market leading products in the Non-Reactive Standard Adhesive and our WellBAC™ open cell cushion back modular carpet. This unique combination delivers unrivalled peace of mind and insurance to specifiers, installers, builders and the end-users of our products.

We also offer our clients design freedom to customise their projects, delivering on their needs and expectations with a comprehensive 15-year product warranty.

Q. Is this service unique to Ontera?

Yes, Site Related Solutions is unique to Ontera throughout Australia and New Zealand and the Milliken group globally.

Ontera’s WellBAC™ Cushion Backed modular carpet products have been designed to manage moisture simply and effectively.  The open cell cushion technology which allows water vapour to evaporate naturally through the seams at the edge of each carpet tile. When combined with our Non-Reactive standard adhesive, the result is a fully warranted moisture mitigation system.

Other market solutions are proposed (eg floor grinding, sealing the slabs or adhesive tab systems) but by comparison, they are extremely costly or have multiple conditions that are not fully warranted.

That’s what makes Ontera’s Site Related Solutions unique – Ontera stands behind all of our WellBAC™ cushion-backed modular carpet products with a lifetime warranty against adhesive breakdown due to moisture.

In addition – Ontera installation solutions do not require moisture testing. Our unique WellBAC™ cushion backing and its moisture vapour-wicking properties allow Ontera modular carpet to handle concrete with higher relative humidities than other products. Provided our timing guidelines are followed, our products have no pH or RH limits. Nor does Ontera require moisture testing prior to installation.

Expensive and time-consuming moisture-based failures are therefore eliminated.