In 2016 the mechanical engineering company HOLZMA celebrated its 50th birthday. Known around the World for quality and high precision in panel cutting, the brand is now marketed since 1987 under the Homag name but the machines are still made at the factory in Calw-Holzbronn where it all began in 1966.

Nowadays the Holzma (Homag) panel beam saws are made around the World in places such as Barcelona, Shanghai, Sao Paulo and Bangalore. It’s typical of almost all the major wood working machinery suppliers to manufacture in regions where their customers operate. Wolfgang Augsten, Executive Vice President Panel Dividing, HOMAG Group said “In Holzbronn we are responsible for developments relating to all our products. In Barcelona we manufacture some of our smaller machines. In Shanghai, we produce two versions of the HPP 180 for the Asian and especially the Chinese market because requirements in China differ from those in Europe or America. In Sao Paulo, we have been producing certain models of the 1 series for a while now. From 2016 the HPP 130 saws for the Indian and entire Asian market is produced in Bangalore.”

‘We are Panel Dividing’ sums up HOLZMA and was the motto for the anniversary celebrations. The heart of the company is the people. From 1966 to the present day, it has been the generations of highly qualified employees, with their ideas and skills that have taken HOLZMA from being a garage company to its present position as a World market leader in panel dividing technology. The story started with Erwin Jenkner who, as founder, shaped HOLZMA with creativeness, courage and entrepreneurial spirit. Initially building machines for drilling, routing and inserting fittings used in the manufacturing of composite windows; it was in 1966 that they started with panel dividing machines, going into production in a bus garage and with the help of just two employees.

When the growing demand for saws capable of cutting melamine-laminated chipboard, Erwin Jenkner instigated the construction of the next saw generation. His son, Detlef was studying mechanical engineering in Constance and designed the first panel saw with pressure beam and electronically controlled lateral fence. From 1970 HOLZMA equipped all saws with a scoring unit that was adjustable horizontally and vertically from the outside. Moving to Holzbronn in 1971in a space of only 1,500 square metres, the site has grown over the last 50 years to 30,000 square metres. During the early 1980’s Holzma was supplying more machines to the USA than to the German market. Holzma joined the HOMAG Group in 1987 and is now fully owned by Homag.

Open-mindedness, inquisitiveness and the willingness to exchange experience and knowledge with customers are hallmarks of Holzma’s success; even here in Australia where machines were often customised for specific purposes. No less than 65 HOLZMA patents were granted in the last ten years alone. Holzma is looking forward to the challenges of tomorrow.