Aged Care Facilities

More than ever, there is a real awareness and concern in relation to hygiene and potential contamination. This is not only critical for the protection and wellbeing of the residents, workers, and visitors, but for the long-term protection of the structure itself.

When building these facilities, it is an important consideration to select the appropriate system of protection for the subfloor as this can have a significant impact on the building and its rooms as they are upgraded during it operational life.

For most aged car facilities, when a resident’s room is vacated, it is widely accepted that the flooring system needs to be removed and the concrete need to be repeatedly treated for protection against bacteria on each occasion.

It is well published, that there is always a high demand for accommodation in these facilities, so an efficient turnaround is imperative.

Traditionally in aged care facilities, topical toxic anti-bacterial membranes have been applied. However, when a room is retrofitted these are normally required to be re-applied, which are time consuming in relation to surface preparation and application, and generally the rooms cannot be occupied for a lengthy period of time as a consequence.

Those who are waiting for a room to be available are at risk of missing out on essential care because of these time delays, and as facility owner you may be missing out on revenue as the rooms remain vacant.

Introducing X260 Medi-Vet

X260 Medi-Vet by Oxtek Solutions is a single pack one application spray on system that deeply penetrates new or existing concrete, provides curing, densification, hardening, permanent waterproofing, and deep matrix resistance to bacteria, moulds, and fungi. X260 Medi-Vet with safe silver ion, SteriTouch has independent antimicrobial testing showing complete protection against E. coli and Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

SteriTouch additives eradicate the bacteria which cause contamination and infection, as well as those responsible for odours and staining.

Incorporating Oxtek Solutions colloidal silicate technology, X260 Medi-Vet provides effective moisture barrier for impervious floor coverings and coatings allowing for a new topical flooring system to be installed immediately with a room able to be occupied within 2 days.

SteriTouch is safe

SteriTouch is an established brand in antimicrobial technology, based in the UK. The anti-microbial performance of X260 Medi-Vet is confirmed by independent laboratory testing to the international standards (JIS and ISO) and is proven to be 99.99% effective against MRSA and E. coli. With the combination of SteriTouch X260 Medi-Vet creates a permanent barrier against the growth of bacteria, bio-films and moulds.

SteriTouch is an additive based on ionic silver that is non-leaching and non-sensitising. We do not use nano-silver, or other organic antimicrobial additives which have well known and established health and environmental concerns.

Warning – Some products in the marketplace claim to incorporate anti-microbial properties. Testing or Certification should always be requested.

Do it once, it is done forever

Once introduced into the concrete substrate it will be there forever, with SteriTouch providing continuous and permanent protection. The ionic silver-based additives will not lose efficacy due to leaching or migration, as they are evenly dispersed and embedded through-out X260 MediVet, so even scratches and abrasion will not affect the antimicrobial performance of the concrete through-out its service life.

Maintenance and upkeep could not be easier, as cleaning chemicals such as chlorine bleach, disinfectants, alcohol, and harsh industrial products like MEK (methyl ethol keytone) will not diminish the antimicrobial properties of X260 Medi-Vet.

By using X260 Medi-Vet you can eliminate the requirement to re-apply flooring protection therefore significantly reducing the time to re-lay flooring.


The X260 Medi-Vet treated concrete remains compatible with topical flooring systems, levelling compounds, adhesives and future application of epoxies and line marking paint. Leading manufacturer’s compatibility tests available on request.

The versatile product is ideally suited for protecting concrete across a number of markets segments and areas, including but not limited to aged care, Hospitals, medical facilities, animal enclosures, recreation/amenities buildings, food processing, wineries, and dairies.

Quality guaranteed

Established in 1998, initially as ‘Protect Crete’, Oxtek Solutions Pty Ltd guarantees its permanent concrete waterproofing and bacteria protection for 15 years. With 24 years as a specialist producer Oxtek has become the trusted brand in the industry.

Our products are rigorously tested both in-field and laboratory which are further substantiated with our extensive projects case histories within Australia Pacific Region.

An issued warranty is project specific and will require us to provide consultation and a registered specification number

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