Effective, customer-first companies have the courage to frequently refocus on how best to deliver the services their clients need. This was the case four years ago when Cassandra (Sandy) Passmore assumed ownership of Planit Australia, reseller of the industry-leading CABINET VISION software. The result is an unrivalled customer experience with better, streamlined service.

For over 40 years since the first wood and panel working CNC machines were introduced, CABINET VISION has been the software of choice for cabinet makers around the world. Many years ago, Planit Australia took on CABINET VISION, arguably one of the most trusted and efficient cabinet design and manufacturing software programs available. However, in the face of increasing competition and ongoing advancements to computerised woodworking machinery, Planit Australia has seen a need to transform; to focus more on the customer’s experience and optimal manufacturing solutions.

A Change for the Better

Four years ago, Sandy knew Planit had the best products but needed to focus on what she termed ‘The Planit Experience.’ She says, “It was obvious we needed to change. We needed to re-imagine ourselves; to build relationships and become the industry’s Trusted Advisor, providing solutions to grow our customers’ businesses. COVID also changed how we worked with our clients. By necessity it became a mixture of online and occasional face to face contact. We needed to learn how to do it better in a post-pandemic future.”

And so, Planit, once a top-heavy software supplier, became a lean, agile provider with emphasis on solutions and technical expertise where it mattered, with the customer. Sandy explains, “We embraced a new culture; we set standards for our team that are non-negotiable. We introduced ‘Planit Certified’ to separate non approved contractors from our highly trained Product Solution Experts. We introduced BATA (Become a Trusted Advisor) training for our sales (solutions) people, and we employ dedicated Business Development Managers in each state.”

A Complete Range

Planit Australia’s products include a complete range of software and technology solutions. Of course, there’s CABINET VISION, a fully modular cabinet design software package where you buy only the features you need, adding additional modules as your business grows. Planit’s ‘Screen-to-Machine’ software produces the coded program your new or second-hand CNC machine needs to operate without human intervention, seamlessly integrating your cabinet design with your machine, providing your business with a complete design and manufacturing software solution.

Last year, Planit partnered with ‘Solid Setup Plus’ to provide a wider choice of options to build on the CABINET VISION functionality, integrating that into their Planit portfolio. Other Planit products include VORTEK Spaces software that creates stunning interactive 3D presentations within minutes. TEVA 3D is a web-based online 3D project viewer for cabinet and woodwork manufacturers. ELaser™ is the award-winning laser digital measuring system for measuring 2D and 3D projects with unmatched accuracy, speed, and ease of use.

Customer Service First

Planit Australia has a new website and a new look but it’s the introduction of Planit +, a new loyalty program for customers that is set to really enhance the Planit customer experience. Planit+ includes a Complimentary CABINET VISION health check by Planit certified technicians, access to regular Planit promotions, training webinars, tech days; access to software updates; a 24/7 online forum, special discounts and much more.

Sandy also introduced the ‘Concierge service’, an industry first. Planit’s Concierge is a specialist who will guide you through all you need to know about your software setup, who your key contacts are, and where to get assistance. Your concierge will take care of your onboarding process every step of the way, this will ensure your training and setup is scheduled seamlessly to ensure a smooth implementation of CABINET VISION into your business.

The partnership between Planit and companies supplying CNC machines in Australia is built on a platform of continuous innovation. Regular updates and enhancements to the software ensure that it remains compatible with any machine brand and is able to fully exploit the latest technical developments in CNC machinery. Collaboration with all the major hardware suppliers allows Planit Australia to incorporate the latest hardware innovations into its software solutions prior to market release.

Unlock Your True Potential

In the age of digitization and rapidly increasing amounts of data, thousands of Australian companies benefit from the range of Planit products that are designed to unlock the true potential of your CNC manufacturing solution. Planit solutions boost efficiency, productivity, quality, and safety. Planit Australia also works with TAFE colleges and accredited training organisations across the country to develop their curriculums to include CABINET VISION training, offer best practice, and address the shortage of CABINET VISION users.

Sandy said, “At Planit, it is our people that make us. Our team has a wealth of experience, and we love sharing this with our customers to transform and improve their manufacturing. Planit’s Solutions are an integral part of the success of our customers’ business.” Software is the fastest developing element in manufacturing and is a cost-plus benefit for even the smallest manufacturers. Sandy believes that in the past, industry was all about the price, but “That’s not where we are now as an industry; now it’s about the best operation, the best solution and how efficient we can be,” she says.

Sandy adds, “We call Planit the ‘Planit Family’ and we consider our customers part of that family. Our culture is very important, we know our customers are going to speak with many of us, so we have to work together, to work as a team. It may not always have been this way in the past, but it works this way now. Our customers never work with just one person, they work with all of us through our closely knit ‘family.’ Thirty years ago, it was just software, now it’s a manufacturing solution. Nothing works without the machine, the tooling in the spindle or in the modern manufacturing environment, the software that optimizes the entire process. Software is the solution that will grow your business more effectively than anything else.”

In 2023 the new and reimagined Planit Australia focused itself on the customer experience, backed up by industry-leading software and products for the cabinet manufacturing industry. A new culture emerged, and the company expanded their product range and reach. Moving forward, Sandy and her team plan on taking their service to the next level, engaging with their customers to supply individual, tailored solutions, and ongoing support. With Planit, you can achieve exactly what you need.