The businesses of Supertuft Pty Ltd and Supertuft Manufacturing Pty Ltd are to be offered for sale to a purchaser who has the credentials and ability to build on the long- term success of the current businesses.

Further information can be provided to prospective purchasers who are serious and capable in their ability to purchase and operate the company.

Supertuft 100% wool pile products are well known for their excellent style and colour range. Supertuft has a small team of knowledgeable people that service a large and loyal base of satisfied customers.

This business opportunity may be particularly attractive to purchasers who bring further advances to the company by:

  • Increasing sales through further promotion.
  • Improve marketing efforts through their understanding of Supertuft customers including carpet retailers, architects and interior designers.
  • Carpet companies that are currently buying product that they could make and manufacture themselves if they owned Supertuft.
  • Larger carpet manufacturers wishing to relocate their production to a smaller and more profitable manufacturing base.
  • Existing manufacturers wanting an iconic brand for their wool products or to separate the marketing of wool products from their synthetic brands.
  • Manufacturers who could substantially increase their income by supplying spun yarn, or carpet backing and storage services to the acquired business.
  • Highly qualified and experienced engineers, marketing managers or professionals who have substantial experience in the carpet industry and want to operate their own company.

Supertuft are seeking a purchaser with exceptional management expertise to bring new energy and vitality to the business to ensure future growth and increased profits.

To express interest in this opportunity, email your details to: