SafeCode has been a leader in the Australian market delivering software solutions to the finance and leasing industry for over 10 years. With their acquisition of IdacsPLUS and the launch of Palette CAD Australasia in 2017, the business has grown to offer one of the largest ranges of CAD CAM solutions in the Australian market. Their group of companies and suite of products includes PaletteCAD, ASPAN, ToolCAM, COBUS NCAD, HSBCAD, TopSolid and ICB.

On July 1st of this year, SafeCode incorporated the IdacsPLUS business into its operation and has now re-launched itself onto a stronger footing by adding in the software development team of SafeCode. The SafeCode Manufacturing business now boasts a full team working on developing advancements to its CAD and CAM solutions supporting their core products of Palette CAD, ASPAN, ToolCAM, COBUS NCAD and ICB.

SafeCode is always looking to introduce new products and advancements to the Australian market, and working closely with their partners, they can now officially welcome ToolCAM to their suite of CAM products. ToolCAM is a simple solution for any customer who wants to do an output for any given CNC.

Why ToolCAM?

  • Complete CAM environment
  • DXF import
  • Enables users to define machining parameters and sequences
  • Preview imported profiles instantly
  • Manipulation of start and end point
  • Multi drill capability
  • Supports wide range of CNC controllers

With over 500+ clients across Australia and New Zealand they saw a greater need for closer integration and automation within all the moving parts of a business. With the skills of their software team they are now able to offer integration with third party software, accounting packages, web development services and mobile app development for the many businesses in our industry.

With the growth and expansion of the SafeCode business they introduced Jesvinder Singh as the new Operations Manager for their SafeCode Manufacturing and TopSolid Australia businesses. Jesvinder has been with the LeasePLUS Group for three years, joining in early 2017 and seeing success and promotion to other areas of the Group within a short time. Jesse is an experienced technical engineer and is passionate about developing strong relationships with customers that create opportunities and contribute to growth. With the wealth of technical knowledge Jesse brings to the role, Norman Kurta (CEO of SafeCode) states that “SafeCode Manufacturing and TopSolid Australia will deliver the most extensive software offering to the joinery industry and with Jesse heading up the team as Operations Manager. His commitment will be to drive growth and opportunities for our customers into the future.” They look forward to seeing Jesse excel in his new role and contributing to the continued success of SafeCode Manufacturing and TopSolid Australia.

The team at SafeCode will focus on its continued support of the Palette CAD, ASPAN, ToolCAM, COBUS NCAD and ICB product in Australia building out the team to have specialised support and staff across all parts of Australia.


Pictured: Jesvinder Singh – Operations Manager