The founder of Sterling Supplies spent his first 13 years of work in Australian manufacturing as a fitter and turner toolmaker and has always been passionate about making everything he can using the resources within Australia.

From the founder himself, “We have always supported Australian manufacturing in every area we can. We developed the Duratred aluminium matting which is made from components manufactured in Australia and the same applies to our stair nosing range with most of the profiles being extruded here in Australia.”

They also have a range of polymer tactile pads under their Duratac brand that are also proudly Australian made. With their main warehousing facility located in Campbellfield, Melbourne, these high-quality products are readily shipped all around Australia.

Once the reality of the Covid-19 pandemic was realised by Australians, manufacturers found themselves building rapport and stronger relationships with fellow Australians. For so many companies who had previously been importing, the need to find stable and lasting commitments from their manufacturers was crucial to stay in business.

Like all Australian businesses, Sterling Supplies had to meet the pandemic head-on but with the skill set and knowledge internally, they turned an innovative eye to the manufacturing world and from this, are extremely proud to introduce a brand new concept to the market with their product, Duratred Ezy. A product designed to help save time on installation that will decrease order lead times by weeks.

The team are well educated in compliance, which has enabled them to produce products that meet all the Australian standards. This has been a journey over many years and the team have become acutely aware of meeting rigorous safety standards, ensuring that compliance is front of mind. One of Sterling’s Head of Sales said, “We now have a motto we stand by with every job we work on – the first conversation is safety and compliance.”

There are huge benefits from having your products manufactured on Australian soil, from the design stage to the production line. Sterling Supplies found that they could be much more innovative when designing and this helped create a competitive edge. When product was rolling off the production line, it was ready for despatch meeting well beyond satisfactory lead times, something that Sterling Supplies has always prided themselves on.

As a company, Sterling knows how critical quality is to end users. To monitor and check for consistent quality, a quality control procedure is in place to ensure that before any goods leave the warehouse, they are checked over and kept on record internally. When goods are coming off different production lines, the quality is checked and if any piece does not meet the QA standard, it is removed from the batch.

The need for manufacturing in Australia has become a key component in keeping Australia sustainable and providing local jobs. Sterling is one company that is ensuring this continues to happen to preserve the economic cycle for all future generations.