SCM Group, a leader in the production of woodworking machinery and systems participated in “Internationale Holzmesse” in Klagenfurt, from 1 to 4 September 2016. The Group presented the Routech brand, specialised in CNC technologies for machining beams and walls for timber construction.

Timber construction, especially where the wood is seen; is becoming very popular in Europe and the United States. Designer homes in Australia often feature the look of natural wood in beams and other construction elements. The special characteristic of the SCM Routech OIKOS and AREA machining centres is their extreme flexibility, allowing a wide variety of products to be made: roofs, walls, summer houses, X-lam/CLT laminated structures, straight, curved and round beams, insulation and composite panels, and the entire range of structural elements required by the market today.

An important new feature is the machining of X-lam/CLT wall panels with Nesting technology, which helps optimise the use of materials and reduces production times and costs. The Routech machining centres are equipped with a 6-axis operating unit that enables all types of machining, with no need to reposition the workpiece or make manual adjustments on site.

Austria is undoubtedly one of the most important markets and the ideal place to exhibit these machines. Luigi De Vito, the SCM Group Machinery Division Manager said “We feel that this is an area where the presence of a large group is particularly valuable and SCM Group definitely has all the requirements to meet this need, offering a high-level partnership.”

Oikos is a hi-tech CNC machining centre for modern carpentry. It is an advanced solution capable of managing the most varied machining processes on beams and wall components of up to 1250 mm in width, 300 mm in thickness and 19 metres in length. Its main characteristic is its 6-axis automatic CNC system, equipped with tool changers and a single machining head with a power output of up to 25 kW, ensuring simple, rational and extremely flexible installation.

Area is the gantry solution for automatic 5-sided machining of X-lam/CLT wall panels and large components in general, such as glued laminated structural beams. The system can also be customised to perform machining on large composite elements and insulation panels.

Area has a machining head with a 30 kW power output for 5-axis machining and an automatic tool changer system. The SCM group has expertise in a wide range of manufacture; they have the equipment for every business.