Top builders and landscapers around Australia are opting to install seamless, integrated covers into tiled outdoor areas. They are doing away with the traditional round plastic access covers, drain grates, skimmer covers, and unsightly waste drain and plumbing vents by installing the HIDE inlay lid system.

By adding HIDE inlay covers to these points, they are effectively hiding them from view, resulting in an aesthetically pleasing, smooth and uninterrupted finish.

This product is the ideal finishing touch to any tile and paving project around the home. It can be used in a range of applications.

Offering this small upgrade to clients can enhance a professional approach to a quality tiling project. It can be the perfect add-on.

In addition to beautifying landscapes, the other significant advantages to this system include:

  • HIDE products are manufactured from 316L heavy-duty marine-grade stainless steel, offering unrivalled strength and performance over other alternatives.
  • Designed and engineered with safety in mind, it meets the highest Australian safety standards.
  • The HIDE lid sits flush so it cannot be lifted without the use of the supplied key, making it very safe around children.
  • Matching surrounding patterns through the inlay lid creates a very natural finish. Installed on-site, a tiler can mark and cut the stone/tile to suit the surrounds, matching any patterns and grout lines through the lid.
  • Consisting of two primary elements, the Edge Protector and the Inlay Lid, the system works together for an effortless solution to a common problem.
  • The Edge Protector sets the installation level and houses the inlay lid flush with its surrounds. It also prevents any surrounding tile from chipping while providing access. The Edge Protector also holds the lid to allow for ventilation, airflow and water drainage.
  • The Inlay Lid can house a range of inlay materials and comes away from the Edge Protector in regular operation. Experienced end-users must choose the correct height based on their working material and glue in place with the supplied adhesive.

Tilers really appreciate the HIDE system’s ease of installation and strength benefits. These two components work together to avoid breakages and tile chipping, reducing the need for a contractor to return to the site to repair/replace damaged tiles and matchup concerns.

HIDE has developed a range of over 40 products to suit a range of size and depth applications. A kit consists of:

  • Inlay Lid
  • Edge Protector
  • Height adjuster
  • Adhesive
  • Contractor installation instructions
  • Homeowners care and maintenance advice
  • 10-year warranty

A local distributor can be found on the website Distribution enquiries are welcome.