Most people think of manufacturing as a sector that is all about machinery, money, and making more with less. While all three elements will always be important to the industry, Innovync will tell you that none of it works if quality after-sales service is not part of the equation.

Putting the act of providing value at the core of their business, the young machinery supply firm has made it their mission to elevate Australian manufacturing. Aside from providing value-based machinery sales, their services include machine customisation and retrofitting, regular preventative maintenance, timely installations and callouts; plus access to a full suite of spare parts and stock CNCs available on-shore. Recently, operator training has been added to the list in order to cut down on learning curve time, helping to speed up production.

All of this has come from looking at what manufacturers need, then providing effective solutions. Partnering with innovative suppliers such as Italy’s CMS has helped Innovync to carry out these goals – but ultimately, it’s the mindset that makes the difference.

“We’ve got a very tight-knit team and a very personal way of connecting with the customer. Automatically, they say that is different from connecting to the status quo. If I’m speaking specifically to the customer about service, and you can call the head of the company and get an answer from a guy who’s got a technical background – and that’s a very personal relationship between machine and user – then that’s setting up a completely different interaction that manufacturers appreciate,” says Craig Haidley, Innovync’s long standing Stone and Glass expert.

Last year during the Christmas rush, Managing Director Pierre Sullivan personally diagnosed an issue with a customer’s machine online, picked up the part from HQ’s extensive inventory and fitted the replacement part on a Sunday morning, spurred on by the customer’s need for production to continue. Within less than 24 hours, the client in question had his machine up and running, thanks to dedicated support and the stock of spare parts kept onshore.

In response to global supply chain disruptions, stock machines are also being housed in Innovync’s Sydney HQ. Delivered directly from European suppliers, the most in-demand models arrive with excellent lead times and often sell out before they reach the showroom. Models currently available include the CMS Brembana Kosmos. Easyline, Smartline, and Speed 24 for Stone or Glass; plus several others available for immediate installation. This prudent step has enabled Innovync’s customer base to access highly automated machinery that makes them less reliant on labour – a major advantage in the current market.

The technology itself provides a competitive advantage for production. Geared towards large-scale manufacturing, solutions for Stone, Glass, Light Alloys and Advanced Materials and Plastics offer exceptional speed, precision, and efficiency. There are also plenty of accessories available to boost workflow even further. If customers want to achieve even greater productivity, they can request customisation – one of Innovync’s specialties.

“We are currently working on some big projects that are purely customised to meet customer needs.” says Pierre Sullivan, Managing Director.

In the past, projects have included retrofitting automatic systems to existing silos and changing the configuration of CNCs to suit customers’ requirements. Stock models have also been altered to specific dimensions, and recently, the design of a complete Stone production line has been carried out. New requests are constantly coming in, sparked by shifts in global supply and demand; plus the need to work faster than ever before. Innovync’s team members never shirk from the challenge – which shows through in their glowing customer testimonies.

Always giving each customer their due attention, every service detail, down to preventative maintenance is emphasised. The approach is refreshing, earning them a loyal following that continues to grow through word of mouth.

Ask those who have grown with Innovync, and you will quickly understand the value of partnering with problem-solvers who thrive on providing exceptional after-sales service.