Over the years, Nova Pro has become synonymous with double-wall drawers. With the complete range of Nova Pro Scala drawers, GRASS offers a system that can be scaled to fit every aspect of the future of modern living. The innovative drawer system has always set the standard for drawers thanks to its functionality, timeless design and capacity for innovation. This is demonstrated by its high level of popularity within the furniture industry and by being awarded the German Design Award for Excellent Product Design.

 Innovations are nothing unusual when it comes to GRASS movement systems. But with Nova Pro Scala, the traditional Austrian company has given the term system a completely new meaning, as it now allows a wide range of styles, features and values to be created that cover all segments from entry-level to premium, giving customers a wide variety of options for differentiation.

 For all living areas and furniture ranges

The name Nova Pro from GRASS has long been a synonym for competence when it comes to double-wall drawers. Thanks to excellent running characteristics, smooth operation and low extension resistance, the Nova Pro movement system sets the benchmark in the drawer sector. With Nova Pro Scala, GRASS is defining the top of the line across all market and price segments as well as for modern furnishings in any living, bathroom and kitchen area.

Proven technology with a height of 41 millimetres

The minimalist right-angle frame appeals to the purists, with a simple design and timeless aesthetic, “Nova Pro Scala is an economically appealing drawer system that stands out thanks to its enormous versatility and optimal use of materials,” says Alexander Rauch, Sales Manager for Switzerland. To enable customers to enjoy complete design freedom, the installation space for the required technology has been reduced to a minimum. This has created the unmistakable character of the Nova Pro Scala frame. Even the tilt angle adjustment has been optimised so that it can be accommodated in the level, which is only 41 millimetres high.

 Designer panels: Steel combined with a variety of materials

Clad in laser-welded, powder-coated steel, the characteristic frame has become a distinctive trademark: With a wide range of design options, the complete drawer unit becomes a one-of-a-kind experience. Thanks to the rectangular shape, the strikingly simple metal design can be combined with custom designer panels as desired, for example with high-quality mineral resin surfaces or elegant real-wood designs. This creates an unparalleled range of options for giving furniture an individual, unique profile.

 High, closed drawer sides and a unique glass version.

In addition to drawer solutions in heights of 63, 90 and 122 millimetres, the multifaceted Scala range includes a railing version in a harmonised design as well as two closed and therefore particularly aesthetically pleasing drawers in heights of 186 and 250 millimetres. The range is complemented by the large-scale Crystal Plus glass version, which enjoys great popularity. Product designer Stefan Ambrozus, who supervised the development process, believes that “This elegant version offers a maximum unobstructed view into the drawer.” The frame drawer can be filled with glass or other design elements that can be chosen at will, making it a unique design element.

 Easy to process and assemble

When developing Nova Pro Scala, special attention was paid to simple assembly. The body dimensions and holes of the standardised Nova Pro technology remain the same. Pre-assembled glass holders on Nova Pro Crystal Plus make assembly that much easier, as no gluing, drilling or clamping of the inserted parts is needed. In addition, Nova Pro Crystal Plus shines with its innovative clip technology. In just a few simple steps, the design components can be stably inserted without the need for tools. The modular front connection for extensions ensures maximum stability with low complexity of parts. This ensures that drawers and extensions are easily interchangeable. In addition, the steel back panel can be installed easily and without further assembly aids by using an additional clip – and a sink back panel clip allows extensions with siphon cut-outs to be produced quickly and easily.

 Simple and elegantly arranged

The flexible aluminium profiles from Tavinea Optima allow you to divide high extensions crosswise as required. By simply clipping on additional smartboards, storage space can be optimally used. As well as Tavinea Sorto, there is a new internal dividing system for drawers. The very simple system consists of two frames and a length divider, and is available in different versions for Nova Pro.

Nova Pro becomes child-safe

Nova Pro Child Safety ensures greater safety: The child lock prevents unwanted access to the stored contents. The system is invisibly mounted and can be retrofitted as desired.

 A system for standing out

With this smart comprehensive package, Nova Pro Scala can meet all customer requirements. The system with maximum scalability offers the versatility that furniture designers, manufacturers and carpenters want. Nova Pro Scala solves a seemingly unsolvable contradiction: to offer unique solutions using a single standardised system. Another chapter in the success story of the Nova Pro drawer system from GRASS.