We have all experienced the unenviable task of having to site measure a project using traditional methods with a tape measure, laser level and then transcribing the measurements on a note pad. Some of the questions we all ask ourselves during this process include; how much is the floor out of level, is the wall plumb, is the wall leaning back or forward, does it have a twist, how can I reach those angles that are 5 metres off the floor? The questions just keep mounting up.

Furthermore, back at the office you still have to spend hours drawing measurements in your CAD software, only to discover that you have forgotten to measure the location of that waste pipe or those electrical cables.

Well, Flexijet 3D not only makes site measuring easy, but also draws the 3D or 2D CAD model as you measure. Simply check the drawn model during your measurements and verify that you have measured all the relevant item; no more forgotten measurements. When you are done, simply export the model and email it directly from site to the office so that work can begin immediately. Flexijet 3D will work seamlessly with software such as Pytha, Microvellum, AutoCAD, PaletteCAD, SketchUp and anything that can import a DXF or DWG file.

It has been fourteen years since the first Flexijet 3D Laser Measuring System made its dramatic impact. Site measuring in the joinery, shopfitting, window and glazing, stair and balustrade, stone masonry, architecture and many other industries around the world have seen outstanding improvements in efficiency and accuracy with the technologically advanced Flexijet 3D.

Using a tape measure, handheld laser, note pad and making tedious MDF templates are now a thing of the past. Imagine walking away from a site measure with a complete 3D or 2D digital CAD drawing in less time and with an accuracy of 0.9mm.

The Flexijet hardware feels natural to hold and operate with user friendly controls. The most striking feature is the 7″ touch screen which provides direct access to the most common CAD commands rather than having to access the FlexiCAD software on the nearby laptop. The CAD drawing is created as you measure in real time, which makes it easy to see any missed measurements. Drawing curved walls, pipe penetrations, bulkheads, windows, doors, niches etc are no problem for Flexijet 3D.

The device can be relocated using reference points, so whether you are measuring a small area, an entire room or even an entire building spanning multiple levels, Flexijet 3D has the ability to accomplish these tasks with ease. The inbuilt shock sensor will warn you if the device has been accidently kicked and the integrated WiFi provides reliable communication between the hardware and software on the laptop. Setup only take a few moments and the auto levelling feature ensures that your measurements can commence in no time, after which the system can be controlled either manually or with the internal motor via remote control.

Flexijet 3D is not only an innovative measuring device but can also aid in on-site installations and set outs. Simply import a DXF CAD file into the software, click on a CAD point in the drawing and Flexijet 3D will rotate and the laser will precisely point to the corresponding position on the work site.

Honoured with the German Federal Award for Excellence in Innovation in 2011 and the RedDot Design Award 2018, Flexijet 3D will not only improve your accuracy and efficiency, but will elevate your site measuring to the next level.