The latest trend in tiling is seeing new products which are designed to look old and worn, almost as if they were fashioned from reclaimed materials.

Timber-look tiles appear to show the results of constant wear and tear. Tiles feature cracks and imperfections that are designed to enhance the authenticity of their appeal.

The ongoing development of groundbreaking digital inkjet printing technologies permits tile makers to pursue perfection by producing batches which contain entirely unique pieces that do not look exactly alike.

Ultimately, the ‘Work in Progress’ or ‘Imperfect’ trend relies on using these advanced technologies to blend a variety of surface finishes in a style which is to some extent unrefined.

Several Italian tile producers use the term ‘Metropolitan’ to describe products in this category because they frequently contain traces of some of the hard surface finishes which are prominent in our built environment – concrete, stone and timber – blended on one tile.

These remarkable products already bear the marks of the passage of time to such an extent that new blemishes caused by foot traffic, staining or scratching could pass unnoticed and become part and parcel of the integrity of the floor.

The featured products can generally be used on walls and floors in a variety of residential and commercial applications.