Strategic machinery acquisitions can make or break a business. The key to making it is rarely about the technology itself, rather, it lies in working with experts that do what it takes to secure the right solutions, saving time, money, and removing responsibility from workers.

“If someone asks me what’s the machine for me, I go and do analysis and show them options so that they can compare. I’m not just comparing what we originally spoke about versus what we have to offer. I look at every solution, analyse production, efficiency, and cost, then offer the best solutions to the customer.” says Craig Haidley, Stone and Glass expert for Sydney-based machinery and service hub, Innovync.

Working closely with Managing Director Pierre Sullivan, Craig’s 20 plus years in the glass and stone processing industry is a valuable asset. Adelaide’s forward-thinking Ideal Stone has partnered with both experts for almost a decade, an arrangement that has proven fruitful.

Over the years, two CMS Brembana Idroline Waterjet machines and two CMS Brembana Speed CNC Machining centres have facilitated drastic productivity and quality increases for the firm, which creates custom stone products for clients. With Craig’s help, a strategic new acquisition was recently installed, setting the stage for even greater ROI on their investments.

High-output machinery is worth paying for

CMS’ Brembana Speed TR, a Stone machining centre fitted with a rotating table, is an in-demand machine. Along with the Twin Table Easyline, Multihead Machine project and new Formax Dual (named after its dual palette system, which offers an impressive 70% productivity increase), it’s one of the most advanced stone machines to have emerged from CMS’s Italian factory. What’s more, the Speed TR’s capabilities can be stretched even further through customisation – a bonus that ACT-based Pacific Stone immediately took advantage of.

“The new Speed TR, it’s probably one of the most advanced four axes in stone. We might have gone overboard…it’s got a rotating table, a 30kw electro spindle that’s got twice the power of a traditional Stone CNC and tool racks with 83 tool positions.” says Daniel Zovko, the firm’s Director.

With Innovync’s help, multiple tool racks were fitted onto the Speed TR; several in the rear, and the other, a very clever design of 3 x 8 position tool racks fitted just under the bridge of the machine, reducing back-and-forth motion between the cutting table and the rear rack. Besides a 40% output increase generated by the rotating table, Pacific Stone enjoys optimisation in almost every aspect; right down to the glycogen-cooled vacuum pumps and laser projector for positioning of the suction cups.

Big-picture thinking generates value

Innovync’s dedication to service doesn’t end at optimising machines. Their experts look at the entire factory flow, finding ways to maximise each element for best results. It’s a trait that constantly magnetises new customers, who experience endless benefits. Efficiency is always the end goal, and every moment maximised, turns into tangible value.

“For maximum efficiency, the machine must never stop, as soon as it is idle, you are losing time and therefor losing money” says Pierre Sullivan, the firm’s Managing Director

His mindset is one shared by all Innovync employees. Their testimonials page is already saturated with success stories; a testament to their intelligence and authentic service and sales. Read them on the Innovync website to see what’s possible – or go straight to the source and find out what this fast-growing company can do for you.

Pictured: Pacific Stone’s CMS Brembana Speed TR is fitted with customised tool changers under the bridge to maximise cutting time.