The Swiss have quite a reputation for quality, take their watches for example. In the wood working sector their quality is evident with Striebig’s range of vertical panel saws, sold in Australia by Ville-Tec.

Striebig is one of the best known vertical panel saws in the World. Even users of traditional panel saws would be aware of the brand. They are particularly well-liked in schools for their space saving and safety features. With more than 55 years’ experience since Ludwig Striebig first invented the saw in Lucerne Switzerland in 1960, the brand has come a long way and now owns 70% of the World market for vertical panel saws.

Striebig’s new STANDARD S was premièred at Ligna this year. With this saw, the user gains new benefits of hand-guided sawing. Two versions, the TRK1 with a full-surface wooden support wall and the TRK2 with an aluminium support frame, a Comfort package with advanced basic equipment, and additional options open up an extremely wide range of applications for the STANDARD S. The optional Comfort package with a pneumatic clamping motor carriage, a digital measuring system for the vertical axis, pneumatically braked support rollers and a laser-supported vertical cut indicator attracted a great deal of attention in numerous expert discussions. “With this package, Striebig is offering significant practical benefits for daily work with the saw” was the unanimous view of the expert audience.

Striebig only makes vertical panel saws and with any other product this could be a disaster; but with the vertical machine it’s another story. Striebig have the knowledge and skills to make one of the best machines available and their huge share of the World market speaks for itself. Many of the technical staff at Striebig has been with the company for their entire working life, keeping their skills and handing them down to future employees. Their passion comes from their being shareholders in the company, no matter what their position.

Each Striebig machine is built by just one specialist employee who builds the machine from start to finish. The result is that every part of a machine can be tracked and the quality of these largely ‘hand-made’ machines is guaranteed. Many of their machines are custom-made for many different materials and sheet sizes and can be built quickly. 18 machines are produced every week and the company is aware that 90% of all their machines sold since 1968 are still in production and Striebig still stock parts for all their past models.