Tarkett has revitalised and expanded its extensive iQ Granit range with the addition of 30 new shades carefully created to ensure they meet the latest design trends.

iQ Granit is part of a comprehensive product range that is colour and pattern co-ordinated to provide a solution to the varied requirements of different commercial areas such as acoustic, anti-static, slip-resistant and wetroom. Many of these new shades are available across the ranges allowing designers and specifiers to create a fresh integrated design across all functional areas of their project.

iQ Granit is part of Tarkett’s iQ range of homogenous vinyl flooring solutions ideal for aged care, hospitality and education sectors and has proven itself with continuous use in the healthcare sector for over 25 years. It was installed at Fairfield Hospital in Sydney’s south west over 25 years ago. Slip tests by a registered testing authority indicated that iQ Granit’s performance still met minimum BCA requirements after 25 years of service. iQ stands for “intelligent quality” and reflects Tarkett’s commitment to providing an intelligent response to customer demands for lifelong quality, cost-savings and sustainability.

iQ has one of the toughest PUR surface treatments available, ensuring durability. If the PUR surface coating is worn off through use, a special additive within the iQ formula gives it unique surface regenerating properties. Simply dry buffing is all that is needed to restore the surface to its original appearance and performance – a benefit which is guaranteed for life. This means that no wax or polish, which can potentially include VOCs, is required for ongoing maintenance.

The range has achieved a GreenRate A rating and is Phthalate free, ensuring better air quality for a healthier indoor environment. The expanded range of shades across the iQ Granit, iQ Granit Acoustic, Granit Safe T and iQ Granit Multisafe products will further enhance iQ Granit’s reputation.