FLIPDOOR by REHAU combines modern design with clever functionality. The combination of smooth movement, intuitive operation, a unique mechanism and an attractive appearance provides a refreshingly different cabinet concept, thus offering an alternative to current standard systems such as folding lift doors or swing flaps. The installation location is not limited to kitchens, as FLIPDOOR can also be implemented as an individual piece of furniture in shop fittings or living rooms.

With FLIPDOOR, it becomes a little easier to fulfil your wishes for more individuality and high-quality design. The accomplished product design and intelligent storage space solution combine into an innovative furniture idea. A smooth surface unfolds when opening a staggered lamellar structure. The elements move upward in a light, elegant and continuous manner – without visible track elements, mechanisms or abutting faces as when opening doors or flaps. This provides an attractive appearance, regardless of whether it’s closed, ajar or fully open.

FLIPDOOR impresses users with its outstanding mechanism, appearance, material and installation. The tilt effect of the slats means the system requires very little forward spatial depth for opening. This minimises the risk of impact or injury from protruding edges. The patented opening mechanism is particularly light and can be operated with a finger. The storage space thus remains easily accessible even under difficult conditions – this is particularly useful in kitchens.

The individual slats are made of the REHAU glass laminate RAUVISIO crystal. This achieves a perfect décor concept across the whole kitchen front, while also impressing with the renowned product benefits of the material, such as scratch and impact resistance, easy cleaning and soft-touch paintwork.

The completely pre-assembled component is delivered fully built and simply needs to be installed on site. In the event of damage, the slats can be easily replaced individually by the service team.

Features, colours and facts

The planned standard range features the slat colours Bianco, Piano, Grafit, Perla and Titanio, and you can choose between high gloss or matt, as well as from the full selection of the RAUVISIO crystal uni-colour range as a non-standard assortment. Regardless of whether it’s used in a décor concept for the front or a distinctive stand-alone piece of furniture, such as in combination with wood or concrete materials, the application possibilities are manifold. All slats can be individually or fully replaced later for repairs or a full colour change. FLIPDOOR is currently available in the widths of 600, 900 and 1000 millimetres and in the heights of 650 or 780 millimetres.

New move at the furniture market

Kitchen buyers currently differentiate primarily between brand and quality, the desire for individuality is constantly growing. Suppliers who wish to offer exclusive and tailored solutions now have one more arrow in their quiver. With FLIPDOOR, REHAU offers the kitchen industry something which brings customers one step closer towards complete individuality. And it does so with the added value of renowned, high-quality material as well as a clever cross-system design concept. REHAU is a partner with comprehensive service for the furniture industry.