In Austin, Texas, a US city famous for its live music, a private villa has been constructed where the American soul cohabits with Italian tiling tradition.

Ceramiche Caesar was the chosen supplier for a portfolio of Italian-made porcelain stoneware that clad areas of the villa. Various naturally-inspired textured effects, selected from the Tale, Trace, Absolute, Roxstones, and Aquae ranges, have enabled the indoor and outdoor wall tiling and flooring to play a pivotal role in a design that seamlessly pairs luxury with functionality.

The elegance of stone, and the strength and wear-resistance of porcelain stoneware, are combined in the Tale collection. This design was installed in the silver colour. Two formats – 600 by 600mm and 1,200 by 2,400mm – delivered the desired blend of blend of tradition with modernity. It was teamed with Trace. This range’s bold Alumina and Mint hues were picked in the 300 by 300mm Composition A décor. It proved the ideal cladding solution the floors and walls, achieving an urban elegance that is both light and pure.

Offering the texture and versatility of stone, which helps soften a cutting-edge interior vision, the Absolute series – in a soft Beola Bianca colour – was used to define not only the indoor surfaces, but also the outdoor areas, of the home: the character and originality of this ceramic tile range also offers the wear-resistance and robustness required to withstand the stresses that the weather and sustained foot traffic.

The same added value of outdoor porcelain stoneware can be found in the Roxwall2 decoration from the Roxstones series. Here, Caesar’s technological innovation has created a design that delivers the authentic beauty of quartzite in a ceramic tile suitable for external wall tiling.

Caesar’s approach to this material – viewed as a technical solution for all architectural areas – meant that it was also possible to provide a way for the swimming pool tiling using the same range. The designers found that Caesar’s Aquae project, which is dedicated to the design requirements of wet environments such as swimming pools, showers, and spas, offered the ideal solution. Here again, the designs were selected from the Absolute collection. The models chosen included special pieces in the seductive Beola Bianca colour, including Flexi, a 250 by 250mm grating, Pool Edge and 300 by 600mm Step Edge.

The outcome is an organic and co-ordinated installation that create a feeling of pure harmony while also being eminently practical.

From international correspondent, Joe Simpson