High load capacity up to 70 kilograms, synchronised movement and 4D adjustment: the multitude of special qualities is what makes Dynapro a unique movement system for individualists.The concealed slide system was awarded the coveted Red Dot design prize in 2010 and not only provides the basis for full-extension drawers in wood and other top-grade materials but, since 2013, has also been at the heart of the cubist drawer system Vionaro.

Individuality is the buzzword of our times. Customised products play a special role in virtually every area of our lives – and, of course, our furniture is no exception. As well as satisfying aesthetic aspirations, items of furniture have to offer above all intelligent functions that cannot fail to impress. Movement systems that give the furniture designer a free reign for creative ideas and, at the same time provide top technical quality, are essential, particularly in view of the growing demands in terms of operating comfort, stability, quiet movement and load capacity.

With Dynapro, the concealed slide offering strength and precision for full-extension drawers, Grass has the answer to all currently identifiable trends in the furniture industry. Dynapro is the perfect slide system for modern furniture – from handle-free surfaces, high fronts and wide drawers to the need for individualisation in drawer design and the growing aspirations with regard to functionality.

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