In keeping with the national body’s instructions, the new resource from the Australian tile Council (ATC) is strictly a guide, rather than a new standard. However, unlike standards which remain the same until they are revised, usually after developments in products and industry practices have rendered parts of the standard out of date, the Tiles & Tiling Guide is an online source of information that will be reviewed regularly.

ATC national president, Peter Carter explains, “We aim to form a small national committee which will look at the guide and its content at last twice a year, in order to add or remove material and change images to reflect any major changes in industry trends, products and practices.”
Nine of the ten sections of the guide are complete. These sections have been sent to ATC members in all States and Territories for peer review. There will be changes but hopefully they will be minimal, as each section was reviewed by the ATC as work progressed.

The guide contains valuable information and wherever necessary the prevailing Australian or international standard is referred to, enabling readers to gain further information where required.

The content of the guide is designed for architects, designers and industry practitioners, while remaining accessible to members of the public seeking information about tile selection and installation.

It is anticipated that the Tiles & Tiling Guide will be accessed via the homepage of the ATC’s website. Visitors will initially be able to download the entire guide, or individual sections.

Each section contains relevant contemporary images and line drawings which illustrate key points and depict how tile is used in the built environment.

In addition, the guide is supported by an extensive glossary which defines key terms. It also contains terminology that readers may encounter as they investigate purchasing or installing tile.

The ATC intend to email a link to the guide to design/construction professionals and other industry practitioners.

It is anticipated that the ATC Tiles & Tiling Guide will be available online in the first half of 2018, once final peer review and edits have been completed. From that point its content will be reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

From Anthony Stock