In the dynamic realm of urban design and construction, every element plays a crucial role in shaping the accessibility and inclusivity of our built environment. Tactile Systems Australia emerges as a trailblazer, dedicated to revolutionising urban accessibility through innovative solutions and unwavering commitment to excellence.

At the heart of their mission is the implementation of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI), strategically positioned across platforms, crossings, ramps, escalators, and stairs. These indicators serve as vital aids for individuals with visual impairments, offering tactile cues that enhance safety and independence. What sets Tactile Systems apart is their meticulous attention to detail, ensuring precision in every aspect—from the location and colour of tactiles to their size, slip resistance, and luminance contrast. These considerations are not just about meeting standards but about creating a seamless and reliable experience for all users, regardless of ability.

With a rich history dating back to 1999, Tactile Systems has amassed a wealth of experience and expertise, having contributed to a diverse array of projects that have become landmarks in their own right. From the iconic Star Casino on the Gold Coast to the modern architectural marvels like 300 Queen Street in Brisbane, Tactile Systems has left an indelible mark on the urban landscape. Their product range extends beyond TGSI to encompass a comprehensive suite of solutions, including Stair Nosing, Braille Signs, Bollards, Skate Deterrents, Bike Racks, Wheel Stops, and more. This expansive portfolio reflects their deep understanding of the multifaceted needs of urban environments and their commitment to providing holistic solutions.

What sets Tactile Systems apart is not just their product range but also their approach to service delivery. They go beyond mere supply, offering professional installation services using a fleet of skilled mobile installers. This ensures that their products are not only of the highest quality but are also installed with precision and efficiency, adhering to the strictest standards. Additionally, their line marking team adds another layer of functionality and safety to urban spaces, providing services such as car park design and layout, logo marking, loading zones, disabled zones, walkways, emergency zones, and painted stair nosing. This comprehensive suite of services positions Tactile Systems as a one-stop destination for architects, builders, and project managers seeking to enhance accessibility and safety in their projects.

Looking ahead, Tactile Systems is poised for expansion, with immediate plans to establish operations in Sydney, Western Australia, and future plans for beyond. This strategic growth reflects their ambition to extend their reach and impact, making their innovative solutions accessible to communities across Australia and New Zealand. Their vision goes beyond mere compliance with regulations; it is about creating secure, inclusive, and user-centric urban environments that enrich the lives of all inhabitants.

Central to Tactile Systems’ ethos is their unwavering commitment to quality and compliance. Their products are designed and manufactured to meet Australian Standards, the National Construction Code, and other relevant regulations, ensuring that clients receive solutions that are not just reliable but also compliant with industry standards. This commitment to excellence extends to their testing and consultancy services, where they collaborate with builders and architects to ensure that projects meet all regulatory requirements.


In addition to their core products and services, Tactile Systems has diversified their offerings to include Trolley Bays, Safety Railing and Threshold Ramps, and specialised adhesives, among others. This diverse range underscores their versatility and adaptability, allowing them to cater to a wide range of project needs and specifications. Their continuous innovation and dedication to meeting evolving market demands position them as a leader in the industry, trusted by clients and partners alike.

Tactile Systems Australia’s impact goes beyond the tangible products they provide; it is about fostering a culture of accessibility, inclusivity, and innovation in the built environment. Their products not only enhance safety and functionality but also add value to architectural design, contributing to the creation of vibrant, accessible, and user-friendly urban spaces. As they embark on their expansion journey, Tactile Systems remains steadfast in their commitment to transforming urban accessibility and setting new standards of excellence in both the industry and meeting client expectations.