A company needs to do more than just supply top quality products at a reasonable price to be successful. It needs to have a vision. In future, Vauth-Sagel will be more than just a supplier in the furniture industry – it will create high quality system solutions for living spaces and for all people.

Vauth-Sagel, an established, internationally active company is undergoing a transformation process and is engaging in a dialogue with end customers, employees, furniture manufacturers and designers, as well as journalists who attended a press summit at the company HQ in Brakel-Erkeln in September, which was held with the aim of creating and discussing perfect space solutions that meet future needs.

The event’s motto is also Vauth-Sagel’s maxim when it comes to facing the challenges of the future: Think, Create, Imagine. “Think” stands for the company’s past and what it has accomplished so far with 50 years of design, engineering and material expertise. “Create” refers to the product DNA. Vauth-Sagel’s space solutions always focus on people, and aim to make life easier with outstanding quality, easier access, and increased comfort. “Imagine” on the other hand, stands for Vauth-Sagel’s corporate vision. The company aims to transform itself into a driving force in the furniture industry in terms of space utilisation in order to develop product solutions that are right for the future and therefore meet individual needs in the best possible way.

Claus Sagel was on hand to welcome 18 journalists from around the world, including Supplier’s Philip Ashley, for an event that included visits to some of the world’s leading kitchen manufacturers. Claus Sagel said: “A journalist is bound to have a different perspective than a design engineer or an established home furniture manufacturer. These different perspectives are important as they will enable us to get on with the next step, to develop unique space solutions that perfectly match the needs of the users”.

Vauth-Sagel’s transformation process is not just reflected in this dialogue – it also manifests itself externally. The new architecture extends across the entire company such as the new showroom, for example. Designed in the form of a think-tank, it embodies and symbolises the company’s philosophy. The focus is not on the products but on the wide range of solutions they offer. This provides plenty of room for intensive dialogue, mutual exchange and collaborative development. The space, which measures 600 m2, is divided into the themed living environments – Urban, Family, Country and Belle Epoque. Each of these is designed in a way that takes the varying requirements and habits of their inhabitants and the global trends into account.