The long-established company Vauth-Sagel completely redesigned its image in time for interzum 2017. The new corporate identity adds a visual component to the company’s strategic realignment represented at the interzum 2017 in the form of the numerous innovative new products and services that were launched there.

“The world has changed. So we are changing, too,” says CEO Claus Sagel. “We have now also transferred our internationalisation and ongoing transformation into a driving force and system provider for the storage solutions of the future to our external image.” Vauth-Sagel presented its new, completely redesigned image for the first time at the interzum to show how the company is moving towards the future.

With an eye for detail, Vauth-Sagel designed its striking Interzum trade fair display in the form of a global village that features the new corporate colours. Four accessible ‘houses’ were arranged around the village square. They focused on the additions to the collection, on different products and on the new designer storage range. An absolute highlight of the presentation was the new corner unit solution CORNERSTONE MAXX, which redefines kitchen corner spaces. “With CORNERSTONE MAXX, we have developed the best corner unit solution currently on the market,” said Mr. Sagel.

The new Vauth-Sagel logo is a visual interpretation of the owner-managed family company’s mission. Whilst the purist, geometrical shapes that represent the “S” stand for the space saving solutions Vauth-Sagel already offers today, the less clearly defined “V” symbolises an open door, and therefore the company’s open-minded approach towards becoming a system provider that develops solutions for all areas of life. The new colour embodies the sea and the sky, because both of these elements are shared by continents and people.

“We want to make it possible for people to make their homes more comfortable at a sophisticated level so they can rediscover the space they live in. And we want to do this for everyone, all over the world” says Claus Sagel. The message which the company sends out to its customers is to focus on simplification on all levels. Vauth-Sagel offers products and services to industry customers, retailers, interior designers or tradesmen they can easily integrate into their processes; offer their customers unique storage space solutions.

Last year, Vauth-Sagel opened new showrooms in Moscow, Istanbul and Hong Kong. As a result of the new CI, the company has introduced a new modular store concept for retailers that allow them to present the Vauth-Sagel products in a way that perfectly meets their requirements. “From the brand to the image and the products, everything that defines Vauth-Sagel is now interlinked and focuses on our clear mission,” says Claus Sagel.