The Australian Furniture Association is continuing to push for stronger legislation following the death of another child as a result of toppling furniture. This issue continues to cause great concern and follows on from reports in April this year related to similar incidents with some models of IKEA furniture.

“The AFA is aware of several similar tragic incidents in recent years and is working closely with a number of compliance organisations to further develop additional mechanisms to help protect consumers, particularly the most vulnerable, our children,’ said AFA CEO, Patrizia Torelli.

‘The need to educate designers of furniture, manufacturers, supplier’s and retailers about their responsibility to adhere to appropriate standards to reduce the danger of unstable furniture is of paramount importance.

“Every time we hear of the death or injury of another person, particularly in the case of children, the impact is felt across the entire community. Our industry is constantly working to improve in order to mitigate these risks and help educate the wider community on simple ways to possibly avert these tragedies. More importantly, we need to raise consumer awareness for the top tips of buying and using furniture safely.’