With a background of sourcing and supplying timber veneer stretching back 80 years, Elton Group work closely with our specialist suppliers in Italy, Germany and Japan. Our design-led team identify the nuances of the Australian market and ensure products are developed and curated for Australian design trends, conditions and standards.

 The Eveneer brand was first launched in 1993 and is now celebrating its 30th year. Eveneer Raw and Eveneer Prefinished present refined, considered, large ranges that are consistently reviewed and updated. We have also designed complementary products such as the 3 dimensional fluted and reeded Eveneer Profiles and the unique Eveneer WoodWall a prefinished timber veneer that can be applied directly to walls and ceilings.

Elton Group’s curated range of environmentally responsible timber veneers are selected and created to suit modern manufacturing methods and design styles with contemporary colour, consistency and quality.

Joiners and Furniture makers appreciate working with Eveneer because its quality and evenness in colour and pattern mean that you can achieve a consistent, well-balanced look over the smallest or largest projects. Eveneer is also available as a prefinished (pre –polished) board; saving the time and cost involved in sending panels offsite to specialist polishers.


Why timber veneer?
With the influx of plastic laminate and other printed timber-look finishes, the ability to provide authentic timber veneers to the interiors market is important. It is unfortunate that many end users expecting a real timber finish often end up with a substituted plastic laminate.

Timber veneer brings nature to space. Timber veneer is warm to touch and brings a very different tactility and personality to projects. Research has confirmed that natural materials and textures in our built environment reduce stress and increase productivity.


What Is Eveneer?
Eveneer is Elton Group’s timber veneer offering and comes in a range of finishes and formats catering for different applications, efficiency of manufacture and installation, design and sustainability.  Eveneer Raw, Eveneer Prefinished, Eveneer WoodWall and Eveneer Profiles.

Our Eveneer Raw veneers consist of both natural and recut (ALPIlignum) species. Being supplied in raw form pressed on board, these veneers offer the opportunity to polish or stain to your own specification.

Eveneer Raw Naturals consist of carefully selected, assembled and sometimes colour toned veneer sheets taking the guess work out of natural veneers.

Eveneer Raw ALPIlignum is an environmentally sourced recut timber veneer designed and curated specifically for the for the Australian market in collaboration with our long-term supplier ALPI. It is produced by peeling logs of plentiful, fast growing tree species into continuous veneer which is coloured with natural dyes and reassembled as ‘square’ logs.  These logs are then re-sliced in a variety of strategic ways to achieve a diverse range of curated colours, grains, and patterns, some replicating traditional species no longer responsibly sourced or available, and others unique designs, patterns, and colours; the result of collaboration with international designers including Piero Lissoni, Ettore Sottsass, the Campana Brothers and Patricia Urquiola.


Why is Eveneer ALPIlignum more sustainable than other veneers?

Our brand motto is ‘Materially Different’ and Eveneer ALPIlignum exemplifies this aspiration as materially responsible, unique and superior to competitors. ALPIlignum is produced from fast growing poplar and ayous trees grown in FSC certified agricultural plantations and sustained yield forests.

State of the art veneer slicing technology maximises the yield of timber from the tree and therefore reduces use of our precious forest resources. Grain, pattern and colour are consistent across sheets, ensuring quality and significantly reducing wastage. Specifiers value the fact that there are no surprises on site. What they expect is what they get.


How have technology and innovation impacted timber veneer/your industry?
Whilst the term curated can be overused, Elton Group take the curation of our product ranges very seriously, with a dedicated R&D team liaising with our specifiers and suppliers, and leading and responding to innovation, technology, and forecasting design trends.

Optimising saws have made a big change to the furniture industry, particularly in the use of timber veneer. Where veneer was once selected in the warehouse by the furniture maker for component pieces these days it is more likely ordered as standard sized panels already pressed on board, sight unseen and components are cut from the standard sheets. Eveneer® takes the guess work out of this process with patterns and colours being carefully controlled so that there are no surprises or glaring clashes of colour and pattern. The veneer is suited to standard panel sizes minimising waste. Eveneer is also available as a ready-to-use timber surface with state-of-the-art finishing in a range of polishes designed to enhance the essential character of the wood through natural texture, low gloss levels and anti-fingerprint technology and edging to match. As the availability of in-house polishing reduces, our Eveneer Prefinished range takes away the uncertainty, time and cost involved in sending components out for polishing.

10 years ago, Elton Group added another game-changing product, WoodWall, to the Eveneer range. Further pushing the boundaries of sustainability, efficiency, and application. WoodWall combines patented veneer cutting technology, backing and polishing to create a pre-finished veneer that can be applied directly to walls or ceilings, like a wallpaper, covering 3 times the area of a traditional veneer. There is no need for extra framing and substrate and it is delivered to site in easy to carry boxes making transport and installation more efficient. It can even be installed on an occupied site, with minimal disturbance.


What are you working on now?
To honour our commitment to delivering authentic and natural materials driven by innovation and sustainability, our business continues to develop and create ranges to meet the future needs of our specifiers, cabinetmakers and end users.

As a solution focused organisation, it is our vision to remain relevant, design focused and to support our customers with integrity and generosity, sharing our knowledge and expertise. We are currently working on the launch of our new product –Eveneer Profiles, a solid timber profile suite to match our Eveneer range and add dimensionality to joinery and wall panelling in a beautiful and efficient way. Available in 3120 x 1220 sheets or panels