Choosing what to put on the floor of your home or office is a big decision. The choices are seemingly endless. Timber floors are still a popular choice in Australia for good reason and having the right floor and a reliable adhesive has never been more important.

  • Make a choice that lasts a lifetime – A timber floor is solid and durable. Timber can last a lifetime and as such can prove more cost effective than other alternatives.
  • The healthier choice for the family – Timber flooring has been proven to lower stress levels, heart rate and blood pressure and can even improve a person’s emotional state *. Timber floors can moderate humidity levels which improves air quality. Furthermore, timber does not contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be harmful to health.
  • Be unique. No boring repeats – Born from Mother Nature, every tree and timber floorboard is unique, ensuring no two floors will ever be the same. This means you won’t see repetitive patterns across the floor.
  • Better things to do than clean? – If you have better things to do with your time than clean the house, the team at Bostik suggest, timber is the perfect choice for your floors. When it comes to maintenance, hardwood is easily kept clean with a quick sweep, an antistatic mop will pick up most of the dirt and a damp mop monthly is all the attention your floors need.
  • Sustainable advantages – Most timber floors are sourced from carefully managed Australian forests. The actual carbon emitted during the production of floorboards is far less than the carbon emitted producing other materials and more importantly, wood breaks down naturally when disposed of. Timber floors also act as a natural insulator bringing warmth to your home and reducing the need for heating.

Do it right, do it once. For peace of mind and to ensure the longevity of your timber floors, it is essential to get the installation right. Choose a professional installer and a good quality adhesive like the Ultraset** range by Bostik, which was recently voted the #1 most trusted brand by Australian flooring installers, retailers and tradies.

Timber is a natural product and therefore will naturally (and literally) expand or contract with changes in the temperature. Timber flooring adhesives are formulated to be more elastic than other adhesives. The elasticity in the right adhesive will ensure your timber floors will have ample space to expand and contract without causing the glue to crack or separate.

Timber has been the flooring of choice for centuries for good reason.

*Planet Ark 2015 report:–housing–health–humanity-report-2015-03-00-final.pdf

**As found in a 2019 Quantum Research Study of 100 Australian Flooring Installers and Retailers ‘Bostik Ultraset’ is the most trusted hardwood flooring adhesive brand in Australia.