Sustainable Evolution


Navigating challenges and opportunities in Australia's fashionable carpet industry    The Australian carpet industry is in the midst of a transformative phase, steering towards sustainability while facing challenges from alternative flooring options. This evolution is marked by three key areas: competition and alternatives, shifting consumer preferences, and remarkable strides in material innovation.     Upholding Sustainability [...]

Sustainable Evolution2024-01-16T10:15:58+11:00

Carpet is the choice for Australian homes – and here’s why


Compared to other types of flooring, carpet offers a huge range of colours and styles, thermal insulation and energy saving as well as acoustic benefits for the family. There are virtually unlimited possibilities for creating a distinctive environment that is both cosy and beautiful. Selecting the right carpet colour and pattern for your home is [...]

Carpet is the choice for Australian homes – and here’s why2023-01-12T14:56:06+11:00
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