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Government Subsidies Flooring Technology Apprenticeships


As industry across Australia emerges from what can only be called a tumultuous year, the need for the flooring industry to employ apprentices is more important than ever. With the Australian Government’s Boosting Apprenticeship Commencements Scheme now in effect, employing apprentices has never been more cost effective in keeping businesses in business.  Major flooring retailers [...]

Government Subsidies Flooring Technology Apprenticeships2020-12-15T11:59:06+11:00

How well prepared are you for an insurance claim?


That depends on your insurance policy. They are not all the same and provide different covers in the same way that floor coverings have different qualities. Article by Ian Jones. Retail Flooring businesses have similar requirements and needs for insurance as other retail style businesses. There may, however, be aspects of some business package insurance [...]

How well prepared are you for an insurance claim?2020-12-15T11:53:41+11:00

Buy Local – Manufacturing in Australia Today


The COVID-19 crisis has highlighted the need to better understand and address our supply chain issues and opportunities. The Australian Made Campaign Ltd (AMCL) is calling on all Australians to ‘Buy Australian Now and Support Aussie Jobs’ and the Morrison Government has announced the launch of a new era of Australian manufacturing in an effort [...]

Buy Local – Manufacturing in Australia Today2020-12-15T11:50:13+11:00

Over 50 years on Australian floors


The flooring market has, for decades, presented a parallel reflection of the lifestyles and decor of urban and rural communities across Australia. Those who get all teary eyed about the past often forget that the so called simple life, more often than not, usually just meant fewer choices. In post war 1950’s Australia your average [...]

Over 50 years on Australian floors2020-10-05T17:51:35+11:00

Managing the risk of COVID-19 exposure in the construction industry


Under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004 (OHS Act) Victorian employers must take every reasonable step to protect workers from risks to both their physical and mental health, including those risks associated with coronavirus (COVID-19).This includes ensuring workplaces have appropriate systems and processes in place for the safety of workers and others. Social distancing, [...]

Managing the risk of COVID-19 exposure in the construction industry2020-10-05T17:47:59+11:00

Bob Fletcher: A Family Man


Apart from a short stint selling shirts, Bob Fletcher has spent his entire working life in the flooring industry. Early next year he turns 76 but remains busy with the family business, Designer Flake. His philosophy now is, “Work smarter, not harder.” Bob Fletcher was born in 1945 in the Melbourne suburb of Camberwell. His [...]

Bob Fletcher: A Family Man2020-10-05T17:45:09+11:00

Keeping the controlled environment under control


Ever since static electricity was recognised as a problem, efforts have been taken to control the risks. Centuries ago, the biggest issues caused by unwanted Electro Static Dischar¬ge (ESD) events was the ignition of gunpowder storage and other explosive or flammable material. As the electronics industry started to grow and electronics beca¬me smaller and more [...]

Keeping the controlled environment under control2020-10-05T17:42:07+11:00

Post-COVID – Influencing Our Business Performance


The basis of this article is one that I wrote some time ago; in simpler times. Now more than ever, we need to recognise those things we can control, and those we cannot. In fact, for the benefit of our mental health, the mental health of those around us, and the health of our business, [...]

Post-COVID – Influencing Our Business Performance2020-10-05T17:34:03+11:00

Insurance Matters by FloorInsure


Welcome to the first Insurance Matters article by FloorInsure. FloorInsure are proud to be involved with Flooring Magazine as their insurance partner by providing relevant and current information about the insurance sector and its effect on the flooring industry with regard to specific insurance trends, products and general information on how flooring industry businesses can [...]

Insurance Matters by FloorInsure2020-07-21T12:51:09+10:00

Ian Valentine: Fallen ICON


Ian Valentine passed away in April this year. He is described by his TAFE teaching mate Ray Cook as ‘A man for Floor Covering and training’ and ‘Good at whatever he set his mind to’ by his son, Peter Valentine. Ian Valentine was born in Preston, Victoria in 1939. He left school as many young [...]

Ian Valentine: Fallen ICON2020-07-21T12:49:10+10:00
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