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Gibbon Group – 100 years of relationships & synergies


100 years and five generations of the Gibbon family have resulted in the Gibbon Group of today – a Wholesale Distributor of best-in-category commercial carpets, along with superior flooring installation accessories for the flooring trade.  Gibbon Group is proud to be Australian-owned, managed by Ainsley Gibbon, 4th generation, with her two daughters Georgia and Celia [...]

Gibbon Group – 100 years of relationships & synergies2020-03-25T16:10:49+11:00

Concrete Expansion Joints and resilient flooring


In some circumstances flooring installers are instructed to install bonded resilient floorcoverings over cover concrete movement joints. This could be in commercial or residential projects. The explanations below are to help avoid problems when concrete joint terminologies are not fully understood or where similar terminologies are used to describe the same or similar concrete joints. [...]

Concrete Expansion Joints and resilient flooring2020-03-25T16:07:16+11:00

Mike Dunn: Fallen Icon


Mike Dunn was truly a giant of the flooring industry. A true leader who you could never underestimate, Mike always rose above expectations. Sadly, he recently passed but his wife of fifty years, Maureen, shares his inspirational story. Mike Dunn can best be described as good family man and businessman. His school English master said [...]

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Adhesives Guide 2020


Flooring Magazine sat down with industry stalwarts Australian Flooring Supplies to discuss the flooring adhesives market. Here’s what they had to say. The adhesives market has changed dramatically over recent years as manufacturers have raced to keep speed with ever evolving flooring products. New manufacturing methods, new raw materials and a consumer demand for better [...]

Adhesives Guide 20202020-03-25T15:56:52+11:00

Carpet – a design option that isn’t hard


Flooring Magazine recently sat down with Allan Firth from the Carpet Institute of Australia Limited (CIAL) to discuss the benefits of using one of the most popular floor coving choices available today - carpet. Design versatility With virtually unlimited choice of colours and surface textures, carpet helps to make buildings more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing [...]

Carpet – a design option that isn’t hard2020-03-12T21:14:06+11:00

40 years and still going strong


So, what does a tailor, a chef, a mechanic and a banker have in common you ask? They are the eclectic founding members of the proud Kevmor dynasty. Kevin Mort, the founder of the organisation, commenced his working career as an apprenticed tailor. This stood him in good stead when an initial career change into [...]

40 years and still going strong2019-12-17T19:20:28+11:00

Marmoleum characteristics and useful things to know


Marmoleum, a natural product, is closer to timber in composition than a vinyl. Marmoleum is a truly natural sustainable resilient and modular floor that is manufactured Carbon Neutral (cradle to gate). More CO2 is absorbed in the growing phase of the raw materials, linseed, wood flour and jute than CO2 released from the production process.  [...]

Marmoleum characteristics and useful things to know2019-12-17T19:17:40+11:00

Icon: Mike Duggan – The Carpet Man


Mike Duggan has sixty-four continuous years working in the carpet trade, almost twenty years longer than most people work in their lifetime. Mike was born in 1940 in the Sydney suburb of Greenwich. Some familiar people born that same year were Athol Guy of the Seekers; Jack Thompson; Diana Trask; artist Ken Done, and Bruce [...]

Icon: Mike Duggan – The Carpet Man2019-12-17T19:11:27+11:00

The importance of using the right tool for the job


Flooring Magazine recently sat down with industry stalwart, Australian Flooring Supplies (AFS), to discuss tools and accessories for this month’s feature. Ask anyone with experience in the flooring industry for advice and they will tell you the same thing, you should always use the right tool for the job. Many of us have learnt this [...]

The importance of using the right tool for the job2019-11-07T14:32:57+11:00

30 Years Young


From humble beginnings in a small office in Fitzroy to a current 9,000m2 purpose-built facility in Epping, Melbourne - Signature has grown considerably over the past thirty years. It all started in 1989, when after spending his entire career in the flooring industry, Bill O’Halloran decided to use his expertise and passion for product to [...]

30 Years Young2019-11-07T18:59:45+11:00
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