The rising cost of insurance, and what to do?


Greetings flooring business owners. As the year hots up, so has the cost of your next Business Insurance renewal. With widespread increases on business insurances in Australia and across the world, it’s important to consider ways you can reduce the price of your next insurance renewal. Allow me to share the following tips to help: [...]

The rising cost of insurance, and what to do?2024-03-05T12:28:29+11:00

Four steps to defend against cyber risks


In the fast-paced world of flooring, where every business decision counts, protecting your company from cyber threats is critical. Flooring Protect Insurance Brokers offers you this helpful guide in four steps to defend against cyber risks.    Step 1: Learn about the cyber threat landscape  Flooring companies confront challenges like as shutdowns, malware, and unauthorised [...]

Four steps to defend against cyber risks2024-01-16T11:24:45+11:00

Insuring your flooring business: Tales of triumph and resilience


Article by Nathan Ray, Flooring Protect Greetings, esteemed flooring industry enthusiasts, I'm Nathan Ray - Group Director of Flooring Protect, your dedicated insurance broker with a knack for demystifying the world of insurance.   With a wealth of experience under my belt, I've walked the insurance journey alongside countless businesses. Today, I invite you to [...]

Insuring your flooring business: Tales of triumph and resilience2023-09-12T09:28:44+10:00

How insurance brokers’ help


Insurance brokers assist individuals and businesses in finding and purchasing insurance policies by providing expert advice and assistance. They work with a variety of insurance companies and can compare coverage and prices to find their clients the best options. Brokers can also assist clients in understanding and navigating the often-complicated process of filing claims, as [...]

How insurance brokers’ help2023-07-11T12:58:00+10:00
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